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Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Well hallelujah and zippadeedoodah!  I am back in the blogging world.  Let’s just say I took a hiatus from the world of blogging, mainly due to lack of computer cooperation, busy with work and getting back into school and, of course, I moved to Hawaii.  Why can’t we just have a “smooth sailing” button to push and when we do, voila!  Poof!  Boom!  Life falls into place and everything is taken care of for that day or couple of days…..heck, even a week would be pretty much outrageous.  I am still on track on the weight loss but kinda maintained my weight a little more than I wanted to.  I slowed down with the weight loss but have still been chipping away at it, slowly and painfully.  If there is one thing I have come to learn is the dreaded word…………………DIET!  It is everything.  I hate deviating off of it but when your resources run low, money, time, food, access, transportation, whatever, your diet changes to accommodate your current lifestyle.  And while you still eat pretty well, the gumption to give it all you’ve got in the pool or gym or street, even, goes down.  Why?  Because you know  that your diet is not where you want it so it’s like walking uphill in the snow barefoot…..really, it truly is.  It is HARD!  I am refocusing my diet as of yesterday to the stern regiment I once had it one. I actually love it when I eat really well.  I feel better, no bloating, no sick feeling after eating, no overfull sickness and the list goes on and on.  Exercise is so good to do but soooooo great to do when your diet is aligned with it.  I have days where I want to do less than stellar on that bike or, as of a few days ago, TREADMILL!!!, I try to push through.  Am I resilient all the time and do it perfectly with my heart rate at a maximum effort every day, week after week?  Honestly, no!  But to all you fanatics and know-it-alls who base your arguments on hearsay…………Its okay.  Life goes on.  The sun still rises and your reflection will still be in that mirror when you wake up.  Now, how it looks at you will depend on you.  So I suggest smiling.  It is far more appealing on a hard morning or especially when you just don’t want to put those shoes on.  I know.  It happens all the time.  I try not to get down on myself and remember that it’s not the destination that I’m working towards but a lifelong journey that I embarked on and hopefully you will all continue to join me as we continue our lifelong work together as anatomical engineers…….


Sweatin to the music…..


Break it down.........not break down........Yikes!


Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Yesterday was pretty abysmal.  Worn down, sick with a very sore throat, extremely tired, loss of appetite.  And then, after an interrupted nap by my son in the afternoon around 3ish, I immediately started feeling better.  I did get a much better sleep last night and am still tired but am more functional and feeling a heck of a lot better now.  As for my weigh-in……I will do it come rain or shine this Sunday morning.  I would love to do it earlier, however, some important things came up like watching my nephews tomorrow and completing a couple of projects around the house that should have been done until I became ill and couldn’t complete them.  So, Sunday morning it is.  I will also be measuring my inches lost and look forward to this very much.  This will give me a couple of days to get back in the swing of things and get on track!

Let’s dance……

I had a good time dancing with them fam the other day.  I am doing it

dancing with the kiddos.......

again today with the chitlins and we are gonna tear up the dance floor.  I don’t care what my wife says, I CAN dance!  Yeah, baby!!!  It is such a great activity to do with family and friends and we just do whatever for a half hour.   I was thinking of getting back into county swing….now let me tell you that is some heart-pumpin, foot stompin, hand clappin, sweat-producing fun stuff!   I invite all who read this blog today to get on up and stomp your feet ’cause you and Pono gonna shred that beef!  Here are some pics of me and the kiddos gettin it done and sweatin it out to Adele and rolling in the deep, Shakira and Estoy Aqui and Justin Bieber and Somebody to Love……oh, yeah.  To really get my heart going and me wanting to quit after two minutes….all right, all right, one minute…..I incorporated some squat and small, controlled jumps.  Whew!  I’m exhausted!


Shake ya tailfeather!



I also had the opportunity to make dinner for the family so we made chicken fajitas.  We purchased the chicken already seasoned from H-E-B.  It is quite delicious.  The meat is seasoned with some spices and it is oh so mouth-watering good!  We usually grill the chicken thighs but we found ourselves without charcoal or gas so we did the next best thing.  We cooked them in a skillet…….oh, yeah.  Just for your seeing pleasure, I did a three-step photo succession of the preparation of one of these bad boys.  Tortilla…homemade mind you, chicken, pico de gallo, lettuce and sour cream if desired.  Super easy to prepare and fun for the family to participate in making and eating….Bon Apetit!





Bigger Fajitas!


The complete fajita!



On your mark…….get set…….go!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Let me tell you something……being sick is the pits.  My throat, and specifically, my tonsils are so sore.  There isn’t any puss in them….yet…….but I’m keeping vigil over them.  They are affecting my ears and more specifically behind my ears with my eustachian tubes.  I was told by a chiropractor, once, to massage

Whole wheat tortillas with ham and turkey slices, lettuce, tomato, sliced cheddar with a teaspoon of low-fat ranch dressing......Yummy to the tummy!

the eustachian tubes in a downward motion applying pressure until it was uncomfortable and do that for a minute and then switch sides.  It is supposed to alleviate pressure by clearing the tubes and allowing for unobstructed drainage to occur.  We’ll see.  Today is my big weigh in but I just don’t think I’m going to make it today.  I apologize for it because I was really looking forward to it but I just don’t feel good right now.  I’ve pushed it to Wednesday which gives me enough time to get over this bug.  I’m just very lethargic and sleepy tired and sore tonsils and ears.  I still think I’m going to continue lifting through this and loading up on lots of water and vitamin C and Zinc. 

Quiche….wonderful Quiche!

My wife prepared a wonderful quiche this morning.  It is the first one she has attempted to make

Quiche is a wonderful balance of several food groups and is truly delicious!

and it was very delicious.  We substituted real bacon for turkey bacon, used low-fat cheese and low-fat cream cheese, broccoli and eggs.  WoW!  Very delicious and a great source of protein, dairy and vegetables.  I will post the recipe on this site after I finish this posting.  What a great balance of the different food groups.  We will be making vegetarian ones and other types of Quiche since it turned out so well.  Last night we had my son’s birthday dinner of hamburgers.  We home-make each patty and add our own “secret” teriyaki sauce to it that is just wickedness in a handbasket.  The burgers were juicing and spilling over on the grill and when cooked right to a medium, they are tender and oh so dreamy.  Through the lips and over the tongue lookout tummy here it comes!  One word for these burgers…..EPIC!  And you can take that to the bank.

Why wait till nighttime to workout, honey???

This question has come my way by means of wife many times.  I have given her many reasons.  The truth?  I am ashamed to go out during the day and go for a walk/jog.  I am not comfortable in my own body.  How is that???  It might seem ridiculous to a lot of you but these are real feelings.  I now know and can empathize with all those people who are struggling with their weight.  I will not and do not feel ready to workout in public.  Let me tell you of an experience I had at the store.  The other day in Walmart I saw a man, not much older than I and probably younger than my young age of 35 who was quite large.  I saw him sway back and forth with concerted effort as he made his way out of the bathroom stall to wash his hands.  He had his pants pulled over his belly, possibly to hide what can’t be hid by the pants, making the bottom hemmed portion of his pant legs seem like high-water pants.  I could see the frustration in his walk and the amount of energy spent on his face that let me know how much it took for him to even move.  His breathing was labored and he did not wear a wedding ring.  Not even a hint of a circular mark left by a ring once worn.  He seemed to be single by the way he handled himself, how he looked at his reflection in the mirror.  His face carried that look of, “how do I look today”, look.  I saw him walk out the door and I followed with my three-year-old daughter holding my hand.  She needed to go and going into the girl’s bathroom is NOT an option for me.  I watched him carefully swaying from side to side.  I wanted to yell out at him and tell him that I knew what he was feeling.  He approached an electric cart he was using to wheel him around the store and bent over for a good ten or fifteen seconds to unplug it and wrap the cord up.  When he came up his face was flushed bright red as he bent over the scooter resting his body on his forearms that had found the top edge of his seat.  His breathing had become labored again from exerting the bend over.  I know he could not breathe when he bent over.  That has happened to me before…putting on shoes, putting on socks, scrubbing my feet…..need I go on.  He eventually made it into the scooter, started it up and gently eased his way back out into the world of strangers staring at him and wondering what his medical condition might be.  Don’t lie.  You have all thought that about everyone riding those things that you have come across while shopping.  I am empathetic to all who are like me now.  I no longer need to wonder but can have only compassion for them.  This blog is my reaching out to all of them and anyone who thinks it can’t be done.  We’re going to do this and we’re going to do it with style.  So, on go.  On your mark……get set………wait, is it dark outside…..okay….and………..go!

Extra pics from last post!

Hey guys!  These pics, for some reason, were not uploading to my blog and I felt they were necessary to show and tell……..

I took advantage of mowing by incorporating lunges in between rows!


Running, jogging or walking hills supercharges your metabolism!!!


Disappointment again…..

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I woke up this morning so irritated and frustrated and disappointed with myself.  I did not work out like I was supposed to.  I could give a million excuses but the buck stops with me.  I am not prioritizing like I should.  Do you guys ever feel this way?  Like you sabotaged yourself or you were in the mood for a great workout but could not put one foot in front of the other and get your a$$ in gear and get your shoes on and get out the door with conviction.  I feel the conviction everyday but I just have the worst time getting it going.  I have thoughts of grandeur of conquering the streets of my neighborhood with reckless abandon all the while dreaming of the excess weight just dropping off by the pound!  I self-talked myself this morning and as soon as I get up from this blog, I’m going to lift some weights and then going for my cardio walk/jog.  I just want to rage on myself right now.  How am i ever going to lose this weight if I keep dilly-dallying around and not get consistent.  Well, today is September 14, 2011.  Hello Mr. September 14, here I come!!!!

Weightloss is worth its weight in iron!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Yesterday morning and this morning I had the fortunate chance to eat more of our homemade yogurt and homemade peach spice jam flavoring the homemade yogurt topped off with my homemade granola……..YUMMY!  I like to think I have a pretty good knack for tasting food and letting people know if it is bad, good, or great.  This stuff rocks the palate!  The slight bitterness of the plain yogurt slightly sweetened by the peach spice jam and, of course, ending with a beautiful toasted crunch of oats, nuts and dry, sweetened fruit making for a symphony on the taste buds………..Beethoven’s 9th, mind you.  Oh, so good and so good for you.  It is so light and just for your pleasure, I cut half the sugar out of the granola, too!  Great stuff!  You can find the homemade granola recipe under Recipes category on my homepage!

Homemade granola on top of our homemade yogurt!

Benefits of Resistance Training

So, today, I woke up tired, but ready.  My attitude seems to be okay today and I feel all right.  I woke up running numbers through my head….how much do I weigh?  How much am I going to exercise?  What am I going to eat?  How can I kick up my metabolism and get the most out of exercise?  Well, I do understand one thing.  If you want to lose weight with a higher sitting metabolic rate, then resistance training is where it is at!  I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful wife who always thinks of me.  She went over to a friend’s house the other day to help them clean the house while they loaded up the truck to move states.  Her friend had a weight set, weider bar (45lb.) and z-bar (for curling) along with plate weight ranging from five to forty-five pounds.  Hold the phones!  Eureka!  Pono has struck it rich!  I have already started a program on the weights and will be continuing my workouts with the weights today.  I have experimented with weightlifting and read many articles concerning this.  Two important concepts I live by when I use weights.  #1  Technique is more important than weight.  Technique makes your lifting safer, makes you lift slower which allows you to build a strong fundamental foundation as well as a strong muscular foundation.  Remember what Mary Poppins always says, “A job well begun is half done.”  A good nights rest is critical to muscular growth and development which occurs at night.  Now, for me, it’s about weight loss and building muscle slowly to increase my resting heart rate and increase the amount of calories I burn during and post workout.  Studies have shown that lifting previous to a cardio activity greatly increases your metabolic rate.  In addition, eating five or six small meals, protein-based, and keeping each one around 300 calories will get those fat cells melting and will limit insulin production.

For today,  have yard work, some other chores and then my workout.  Lifting arms and back followed by a 15-minute punching bag cardio routine and then 30 minutes of walking/jogging in the neighborhood.  Let’s go get ’em today!