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Hello Stranger!!!

My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire. WoW! It has been way too long. Let me tell you. I have had my ups, downs, plateaus and you name it Idunnit! I am finally back on track again. Talk about a couple of months hiatus. I guess i’m the typical dieter/exerciser. I had put back on some weight with bad eating and no moving around. I will say that school started and i had nowhere to go. I sleep in my car because rent is too expensive, shower at the beach park late at night and yada yada yada. Cry me a river. I have been so exhausted these last 8 weeks. The semester flew by but without mercy. I took ten credits these last six weeks and they were heavy-loaded classes with their fair share of paper writing, researching, and reading. I’m talking by the truckloads. I don’t get but a few hours of sleep at night which is also not good for healthy living or weightloss. Maybe on a good night I will scratch four hours. I’m up a lot because there are tweakers and drug addicts about 200 ft. from where I park. Not too close but I wake up a lot to make sure no one is snooping around the car. I actually fell asleep in the beach bathroom changing my clothes once. I opened my eyes and it was morning. Whoops……..so anyway i am consistently back in the gym lifting like a man possessed and just starting swimming again. It feels great to be in the pool again. I have been looking for my camera and realize it is gone. I fly to Texas to see my children and wife so I will take a few pics there and post. It’s time to get back on track with this blog and let her rip! It’s time to get to my destination where I will maintain myself for the rest of my life. My goal? 60 more pounds and we’ll see how I feel and look and if I want more. My goal is to be able to run down the basketball court without tiring in two months. I believe this is possible. I believe I can. It’s gonna happen. To all my followers, thank you for your beautiful comments. I appreciate you and your support. Lets get back on the train and complete this leg of the journey. Aloha to all and my love to all and i will be posting regularly from today on. Expect pics taken by my wife by next week! Aloha!


Like Adele says, “I can have it all”!


Hangin with the gang!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  It has been a while since I posted.  I took a little break for the Thanksgiving holiday and I also struggled with myself and the very small amount of weight I had been losing.  I realized something huge throughout the process.   Well, it wasn’t without some professional help…..and I don’t mean Uncle George in the big white building with the pretty padded rooms……..help.  I saw a picture of a friend out family knows very well.  She was never a large person, and in decent shape, but always wanted to have the lean, ripped look.  She struggled with her ability to lose, also and to slim down her legs and buttocks area.  Now, she looks like she stepped out of a Muscle Magazine issue or one of Ironman.  She looks absolutely professional in her body physique!  What a transformation!  Two days before seeing her, I heard somone say its 90% diet.  Then, on our friend’s facebook, she says it is 75% diet and the rest is work.  Do you see the common denominator?  I might not have been the quickest at fractions, but I get a common denominator when I see one.  It is DIET!  Then, I come across a blog. The blog is called www.fit2fat2fit.com.  A certain gentleman started his journey in remarkable shape with a physique that most dream of.  Then, he gained between 60-80 lbs.  Now, in the next six months, he is going to lose the weight and get back to exactly the way he started out and he lists his meal plan daily and a meal plan for females, also.  I have the honor of having him follow me whenever he has the time since he is such an inspiration to many and busy losing the weight.

These are the before and after pictures of his weight gain and now he is working to educate people on how to eat and exercise while he loses this weight and gets back to original form!    He is already seeing and experiencing living life on the chubby side.  His thoughts are changing and he has changed about what he thinks of himself.  His journey is one all of us are undergoing so don’t forget to follow him. 
Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean Thanksgaining……

This Thanksgiving was a great time for me and my family.  We got together with family on different sides of the in-laws.  We gathered at Crystal Beach and hung out for the day…..and the day was pristine and clear.  We had a great time.  There were lots of pre-dinner snacking so to be wise I took advantage of the foods that were freshest and not most cooked or fried!  I loaded up on lots of veggie trays and they were yummy to the tummy.  Now, doing this allowed me a smaller than usual plate, and when I say usual, I’m talking a plate that looks like someone used a shovel to get all that great food on.  So, I did have considerably smaller portions, although I will admit I have three pieces of pie….I figured we never eat pie like that and I love pecan, pumpkin, and berry so down the hatch they went with a little whipped topping to crown the momentous occasion.  I am not a usual “sweets” kinda guy but pie had my name written all over it.  I ate and did not feel one bit guilty.  This is something I do not ever do so not only was it delicious but super fun!  Thanksgiving is definitely a day to eat and enjoy one another’s company.  My philosophy is this………enjoy yourself, chew your food well, and engage in conversation.  I notice when I do those things while eating, I become full and notice it and end up stop eating because it interferes with the good conversation.  I do not stress over what I might have eaten since Thanksgiving is once a year.  If you had one plate and restrained from another, then good for you and pat yourself on the back!  If not, not worries.   Now, I am back on track with fire under my tush.  I changed my workouts considerably to a little weightlifting and then a couple of miles on the bike with sprints in between each minute of thirty seconds, a mile walk/jog and swimming a quarter mile in the pool.  I do this twice weekly and the other days I double up either on the biking and running or running and pool — you get the pic.  Do I still have bad days.  Of course.  I had a bad couple of weeks.  I also, in my defense of not posting  regularly, have been busy with painting, repairing garage siding, landscaping the front lawn and doing other things around the house that is necessary.  However, I will say I have missed whoever reads this.  I have missed your comments and eyes and encouragement.  I say to you that I will be more consistent now.  I am finding my mojo, my groove, my hop after the hip.  It’s good to be back and good to be with you all again.

Its all about the diet……..

Since I have started my clean eating, I have noticed a difference all ready in my mind, health, and overall well-being along with seeing better results in weight loss.  It is the hardest thing to do, to have will power to stay the course and deny you body of all the wonderful junks we, as human beings, have come to enjoy.  Do I crave certain foods still.  Um, sometimes I imagine the food I’m eating is a big juicy burger or a piece of rich, thick cheesecake.  Yeah, I crave.  But, it is all about the journey and the end result.  I have been doing my diet three days now and have stuck by it with such conviction that I know this Friday will be epic for me.  I am inspired by people posting pics so I spoke with my wife and I’m posting a pic this Friday with measurements just like Drew is doing on his website and will continue to do so here on out.  He has inspired me to do so and see my results.  I follow his meal plan somewhat but do not limit myself to fruits and veggies.  I eat as much of those as I want.  I hardly eat any kind of protein and do not take protein shakes as I will do this as naturally as possible and to show those who cannot afford protein shakes or supplements that it can still be done eating well and getting lots of rest.  So, this Friday, I will post my measurements and my weight and my pic.  SCARY!!!  I know this will help me to overcome all my obstacles and be free from this once and for all! 

I was the Candyman on Halloween night!


Forget the gimmicks, run your a$$ off……

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Whoever thought that embarking on a journey of such wild and crazy dreams could be so gosh darn hard and unforgiving at times.  Man, when a person decides to change his or her life, it seems the sky begins to fall all around us.  When it rains, it pours.   As I continue my journey down these paths of excitement and unforseen inner struggles, I am reminded of one simple truth.  I am the only one responsible for anything I do.  So simple and yet so frickin hard to live up to just because of all the self hate talk that goes on in my mind.  Just FYI, from the word mind until this sentence is a break of about two and half hours.  I went, purely out of frustration, and did a quick-paced mile and then went to the park with the family.  It was such a beautiful day.  The breeze was in a constant state of movement, keeping the air fresh and really cool.  It was just absolutely refreshing and revitalizing.  After this blog I’m going to the gym to do some lifting and then some cardio on the bike and then I’m going for another quick-paced mile, maybe two.  I am trying to do two-a-days which has not been successful until today.  Today will be a victory for me as I actually am doing two cardios today.  This is my goal until the excess weight is off.  I have realized one thing, though.  You can either exercise your A$$ off and eat whatever you want, which you usually will eat a little better because of the exercise, or you can eat extremely well, and lose the weight quite nicely and pretty quick.  Dieting has never been a forte of mine, and yet as I eat my salads and delicious grilled chicken, or something like this, I see my body respond with such gusto it only motivates me even more to eat that way! 

Food, Glorious Food………

I just had to share a couple of recipes with you because we made them in the past several weeks and they were outstanding:

Pinned Image  Well, this is enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.  I want to let you know this recipe doesn’t just tickle the fancy, or break the mouth, or make your tongue jump outta your mouth and slap your momma in the face….oh, no…..this recipe will float your bubble.  Fantastic mexican explosion in your mouth full of vibrant flavors and soon after your eyes will roll in the back of your head and your body will breath that sigh of MMMMMMMMMMM!  The kind of MMMMMMMMMMM that says ON THE MONEY!  I highly recommend it.  I will be posting this recipe tomorrow morning along with a few others.  I actually found this recipe on pinterest for those of you who would like to know.  I actually have some amazing recipes I have made from pinterest that I want to share with you so I will be posting them tomorrow morning along with my morning gut blaster!  I have a theory.  I believe the HELL is the place where bad people go and when they get there, there is an enormous amount of chocolate chip cookies…the best they’ve ever tasted.  And there’s mountains of it along with any sort of treat possible.  But, alas, all things have a price.  With each bite you take, you gain a pound.  Now, there are those wh0 were kind and good and will go to HEAVEN.  In heaven, there are mountains of the best cookies and goodies and food to eat.  And in heaven, with each bite you take, you become more sculpted……now, isn’t it worth that kind of reward to be nice to someone every day?  I think so.


This is the dreaded thing most of us don’t want to do.  Publicize those demonic numbers, both in weight and in inches.  But, I think I want my readers to relate to me on this level too.  I want them to be open and to talk to me if they want to and express to me the same feelings they are experiencing.  I know this is a journey and with a journey comes all the preparation, including knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses.  I stand at 6’5 and actually do not know exactly how much I weigh but will find out when I can find a scale that works.  When I started this journey, my belly was around 61 inches.  I will have to measure and weigh in this Wednesday and will also keep track of my inches around my chest and legs and arms.  I’ll also post pics weekly so you as well as I can see the results and be proud.  I will be posting tomorrow morning so don’t be late and remember…..don’t let the bed bugs bite!