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Forget the gimmicks, run your a$$ off……

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Whoever thought that embarking on a journey of such wild and crazy dreams could be so gosh darn hard and unforgiving at times.  Man, when a person decides to change his or her life, it seems the sky begins to fall all around us.  When it rains, it pours.   As I continue my journey down these paths of excitement and unforseen inner struggles, I am reminded of one simple truth.  I am the only one responsible for anything I do.  So simple and yet so frickin hard to live up to just because of all the self hate talk that goes on in my mind.  Just FYI, from the word mind until this sentence is a break of about two and half hours.  I went, purely out of frustration, and did a quick-paced mile and then went to the park with the family.  It was such a beautiful day.  The breeze was in a constant state of movement, keeping the air fresh and really cool.  It was just absolutely refreshing and revitalizing.  After this blog I’m going to the gym to do some lifting and then some cardio on the bike and then I’m going for another quick-paced mile, maybe two.  I am trying to do two-a-days which has not been successful until today.  Today will be a victory for me as I actually am doing two cardios today.  This is my goal until the excess weight is off.  I have realized one thing, though.  You can either exercise your A$$ off and eat whatever you want, which you usually will eat a little better because of the exercise, or you can eat extremely well, and lose the weight quite nicely and pretty quick.  Dieting has never been a forte of mine, and yet as I eat my salads and delicious grilled chicken, or something like this, I see my body respond with such gusto it only motivates me even more to eat that way! 

Food, Glorious Food………

I just had to share a couple of recipes with you because we made them in the past several weeks and they were outstanding:

Pinned Image  Well, this is enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.  I want to let you know this recipe doesn’t just tickle the fancy, or break the mouth, or make your tongue jump outta your mouth and slap your momma in the face….oh, no…..this recipe will float your bubble.  Fantastic mexican explosion in your mouth full of vibrant flavors and soon after your eyes will roll in the back of your head and your body will breath that sigh of MMMMMMMMMMM!  The kind of MMMMMMMMMMM that says ON THE MONEY!  I highly recommend it.  I will be posting this recipe tomorrow morning along with a few others.  I actually found this recipe on pinterest for those of you who would like to know.  I actually have some amazing recipes I have made from pinterest that I want to share with you so I will be posting them tomorrow morning along with my morning gut blaster!  I have a theory.  I believe the HELL is the place where bad people go and when they get there, there is an enormous amount of chocolate chip cookies…the best they’ve ever tasted.  And there’s mountains of it along with any sort of treat possible.  But, alas, all things have a price.  With each bite you take, you gain a pound.  Now, there are those wh0 were kind and good and will go to HEAVEN.  In heaven, there are mountains of the best cookies and goodies and food to eat.  And in heaven, with each bite you take, you become more sculpted……now, isn’t it worth that kind of reward to be nice to someone every day?  I think so.


This is the dreaded thing most of us don’t want to do.  Publicize those demonic numbers, both in weight and in inches.  But, I think I want my readers to relate to me on this level too.  I want them to be open and to talk to me if they want to and express to me the same feelings they are experiencing.  I know this is a journey and with a journey comes all the preparation, including knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses.  I stand at 6’5 and actually do not know exactly how much I weigh but will find out when I can find a scale that works.  When I started this journey, my belly was around 61 inches.  I will have to measure and weigh in this Wednesday and will also keep track of my inches around my chest and legs and arms.  I’ll also post pics weekly so you as well as I can see the results and be proud.  I will be posting tomorrow morning so don’t be late and remember…..don’t let the bed bugs bite! 



Hello.   My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  A lot has transpired these last couple of days.  I was nominated by Jerry Keusch and “youasamachine” blogger for “The Versatile Blogger” award of which I had no idea existed until now.  These two people who nominated me have incredible blogs of great depth and information.  Both of which I read and sometimes comment on and both of which I take great informative tips or counsel on the things I am working on in my life and apply them.  Link up and give them a look-see!  I also decided to hold off on blogging until today to let people mosey on through and see the list of nominees……so, as you find yourself perusing the vast lands of blogdome and come across the list of nominees, please take some time and take a gander at them.  You will not be disappointed. 

The truth will set you free……..

How many times have we heard this saying?  Let me tell you something.  Knowing I am fat does not set me free.  I feel imprisoned within a body that is not mine.  I feel like the walls are closed tightly around me and I know they are because physical activity hurts.  Breathing hard hurts.  Getting up and doing it again hurts like a cantankerous sore that’s found its way onto the edge of your upper lip growing bigger and redder and rawer with each breath you take until you want to die.  You

Walking the Walk!

don’t want to go anywhere because you don’t want people staring at it and wondering how filthy or unclean you are or where you have been or what you have contracted.  And that is the world of the un-lithe.  Yesterday was a beast day for me.  I did not really watch what I ate but didn’t overdo it at the same time.  I wanted, desperately, to workout but found it more fulfilling and rebellious not to.  I had 100% NO desire, yesterday, to do anything that remotely resembled any form of physical activity and had this cloud of frustration all around me.  I decided without first calming down and looking at it rationally that I would not work out at all and yesindeedy!  I did not.  Those feelings turned into determination this morning and pushed me out the door to do my walk.  The whole fam came for the event and the temp was in the 70s.. Couldn’t have asked for a better morning.  I just got back from shopping for a couple of hours and my right knee is a little stiff so as I sit here and recount my day to you I am icing my right knee-joint.   I may know that I need to keep in shape and lose a lot of weight, but the truth is this.  The truth is obesity sucks.  Getting in shape sucks, and dieting sucks.  This afternoon I realized I am not as committed as I should be….whether it be my food intake or my exercising.  I am committed but not deeply.  The kind of committment that makes a man get on one knee, look up at the woman he loves and ask her to marry her for the rest of his life.  I’m talking COMMIT!  So, I committed today, but this time it was deep…….deep like, well, deep.  I went for my cardio walk this morning.  Now, when I finish this blog I’m going for another cardio walk but this time will jog as much of it as possible.  Tomorrow, I do it again.  Nothing is going to stop me.  I actually have a great capacity to drop a lot of weight if I really focus my efforts and are consistent….keyword…..consistent.  Consistent is my nemesis.  It has been for weight loss.  I want to apologize for no weigh-in as I have been really sick and not been able to do much these last 5-6 days.  So today I raise my glass and toast all of you who are in my shoes.  We do this together.  We do this, not for glory or fame or for the verbal praises of man; we do this because we know and realize our true potential.  When all is stripped away from us and we are left naked, hungry, and vulnerable, we have two choices.  Choice number one, allow 0ur circumstance to let us know we are naked, hungry and vulnerable or two, know we are at the bottom of the pool and only need to push off the bottom to glide to the top.  I choose to push off and my push-off day starts today!  I set a goal for a 15-20lb. weightloss this week.  Goodbye Mr. Belly…………

Back on track!

this belly is what I am going to lose!!! Goodbye belly......

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I apologize for my absence the last day or so but my mouse to the computer died.  Literally, it just breathed its last breath and stopped working.  I tried in vain to find a triple A battery for the old mouse but to no avail.  I finally was able to make it to Walmart and get a new mouse.  OH JOY……….RAPTURE!  I’VE GOT A MOUSE!  I am now going to upload a bunch of pictures and make up for a little lost time.  I have been doing quite well on my diet and exercising.  I actually did not work out yesterday……oh yeah, loving that!  I am going to take the advice of many of you though, and thank you to those who comment and encourage or give great advice, and let it roll of my back and focus on now.  I have a magnificent workout planned for today which includes a shoulders and back routine with weights and then a ten to fifteen minute boxing stint with the boxing bag followed by an exhilarating walk/jog for one mile around the neighborhood.  Heck, if I feel good then I might treat myself to a little longer jog.  My knee has considerably gone down in swelling and is nearly normal.  There is still a little stiffness, however, if I can walk, then I can work out. 

The Biggest Loser aftermath

Just two days following my biggest loser rendezvous with Bob Harper in my living room my legs are sore…….i’m sorry, let me be honest……i feel like I’ve squatted for the first time and my inner thighs near my groin area and my buttocks are quite sore.  It pains to walk and especially sit down.  I guess I deserve this since I did not put in the time to stay in decent shape all these years.  Note to self, “Don’t ever get out of shape ever again because if you start to forget, flip to page one of this blog and start reading”!   And there you have it.  For those of you who want to know how the biggest loser workouts are?  They are grueling.  Even for someone in shape you will break a good sweat and probably work some muscles you’re not accustomed to working like they make you do!

The Big Weigh-in……….

I guess I have not disclosed my weight on this blog yet and because of this one cannot determine the transformation I am making right now.  My philosophy is this……your weight is just a number, people.  We do not and should not identify ourselves with this number.  This number is just a number and exists because of choices we choose to make.  So, if you comment, please do not tell me your weight.  Only, tell me your name or something about you personally that I can relate with on a human level and that’s it.  I only want to know your triumphs.  The number we carry for our weight is only there to be annihilated!    So, this is how it’s going to go down, my peeps!  I am going to do my first weigh-in on Monday, the 29th of September.  It will be two weeks since starting this blog with the first week being very up and down with working out and diet.  I was basically trying to fine tune things as much as possible that first week and then I will have had another week to get it going.  I will post how much weight I have lost thus far.  Then, at the end of my transformation in December right before Christmas, I will disclose how much weight I have lost all together and what my weight is at that time.  All you will need to do is add the weight lost to my weight at that time and voila!  Presto!  Shazam!  Poof!  You’ll have the magic number.  So, all you guys…tune in everyday for another blog with Pono and for sure on Monday morning when I have my first weigh-in!


I want to live for my children......that man in the picture will not be me anymore!


Disappointment again…..

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I woke up this morning so irritated and frustrated and disappointed with myself.  I did not work out like I was supposed to.  I could give a million excuses but the buck stops with me.  I am not prioritizing like I should.  Do you guys ever feel this way?  Like you sabotaged yourself or you were in the mood for a great workout but could not put one foot in front of the other and get your a$$ in gear and get your shoes on and get out the door with conviction.  I feel the conviction everyday but I just have the worst time getting it going.  I have thoughts of grandeur of conquering the streets of my neighborhood with reckless abandon all the while dreaming of the excess weight just dropping off by the pound!  I self-talked myself this morning and as soon as I get up from this blog, I’m going to lift some weights and then going for my cardio walk/jog.  I just want to rage on myself right now.  How am i ever going to lose this weight if I keep dilly-dallying around and not get consistent.  Well, today is September 14, 2011.  Hello Mr. September 14, here I come!!!!