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Capitalism, energy drinks and WILL POWER!

Danny Cahill before and after losing 239 pounds on ABLHello.  My name is Pono and I want to be  a skinnyaire.  For those who may not understand the name, skinnyaire is like millionaire, but with the skinny!  I am definitely on the hunt for the elusive physique we all dream about at night, think about during the entire day, envy when we see someone who possesses that which we pursue and hate everytime we put something in our mouth.  It is surely ever-elusive, forever just out of reach, painfully staring at us each time we look into the mirror and undoubtedly the highest mountain to climb.  It is the pinnacle of one’s life.  A mission that will last an entire existence, considering that once you have attained physical glory according to your innermost desires, you must then maintain that which you have worked so hard for, sweated so much for, cried over, binges at night and vented over the phone to a listening and hopefully understanding ear.  For many of us, we will not attain that which is attainable…….but why???


Capitalism is the name of the game and is what keeps the country afloat, enslaves people to a desk job, inundating them with mountains of work that is quite critical to the growth and welfare of the company and yet make the least amount of money….barely enough to pay the mortgage, bills, food and whatever expenditures accumulate with an American family.  Why do I bring this up, you say?  What does it have to do with dieting and exercise.  Did you know that Pilates was introduced to the American public in the early 1900s and that it was a flop, not producing the results people initially thought it would.  Now, here we are again 100 years later and still doing that which does not work, burns you out, fatigues your muscle and does not make you into that chiselled phenomenon you see on television.  You see, what they fail to tell you is that those are models who put in countless hours in the gym or out on the road, dedicating their lives to look a certain way for that is how they make their livelihood in life.  If they fail to maintain a certain look that does not agree with the producers and investors of companies that hire them to promote their products, they are immediately fired without a moment’s thought.  Why?  Because there is someone out there who is dedicated enough to look a little better and work a little harder.  These companies also fail to disclose the fact these people on television who promote their “health” products maintain a strict and regimented diet.  How do I know this?  Because I used to be one of them….not a model, but a dieting, exercising devoted fiend of the trade.  I know that diet by itself done correctly can help a person drop any and all unwanted weight.  I know that exercise alone will not do that.  I know that together  you can sculpt that ideal body with proper nutrition and proper exercise habits that you consistently execute on a daily basis.  I have a friend that I use for reference and will do it again because my friend who blogs about this has a very informational and helpful blog full of health, nutrition and exercise tips to assist anyone who finds themself wanting to begin the journey of losing oneself now and finding oneself down the road.  This is the link to her blog and I encourage all to read it.

Energy drinks, diet pills, caffeine……..

Have any of you ever had an energy drink?  And if so, how many have you had in an hour?  A day?  A week?  Can’t get enough?  Before you believe what companies tell you, you need to research the effects of these stimulants on your body.  They don’t care if you collapse, dehydrate yourself, ruin your blood sugar levels or even have a heart attack.  The energy drink business is a multi-billion dollar industry, supported on the backs of everyday working citizens.  They use long work hours, kids, stresses of life, bills, lack of sleep and so on as reasons for their products.  Have you ever thought about the consequences of your actions of becoming dependent upon these substances?  All these factors of life can cause adrenal fatigue.  That’s okay because that is what life is about.  Now, how to handle it.  With adrenal fatigue, or hypoadrenia, we need to restart our adrenal glands again properly.  They are located right above the kidneys and are controlled by the hypothalamus and the pituitary glands located in the brain.  They are involved in pulmonary function, blood sugar metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, central nervous system processes, cardiovascular function, hematological metabolism, hormone production, gastrointestinal function, and liver function. The adrenal glands play an important role in helping the body respond appropriately to changes caused by stress and different emotions.  Now, imagine you have a car with no oil.  The oil represents the adrenal glands that help regulate the body.  Now, you have no oil, so what happens to your engine.  It will break down on you and you will have an engine that is no longer good.  You will need to replace the entire engine.  Now, imagine no oil and you’re driving and you inject NOS into the system.  You basically supercharged your fuel lines and your engine goes into overdrive with no oil.  You might pick up some speed at a considerably fast rate and pass everyone by, but down the road your pistons will lock up, your engine will overheat and your entire engine will give out…and this is being conservative with the jargon.  Then, after  a few minutes, everyone you passed will pass you and you have no way of catching up and you lose the race.  The NOS would stand in place of your energy drinks, pills, caffeine and so on.  You are burning up your body with no oil to keep things on the level.  This is a simple as I can explain.  You will cause damage to your adrenal glands, damage to your hypothalamus and pituitary glands, and your especially your thyroid amongst all other organs in your body that depend on blood sugar regulation, weight control……etc.  Here, read for yourself.  And on top of that, sleep is critical to a functioning and healthy body, but that is in my next article.  For all you coffee drinkers, here’s a link for you.

You are extraordinary……..

The next time you want to spend money on a product, think of the wonderful alternative.  It is hard.  I know.  I am doing it as we speak. But, all good things take time to build, just like the freeways and skyscrapers and houses we build, from the bottom up.  There must be a firm foundation for the rest of the building to be considered strong and safe to live in, work in or whatever it’s uses be.  And, while you fight, and cry and hunger and struggle to keep to your diet and exercise goals and while you break the chains of slavery to food and stress and the triggers in life that make you want to veer or detour from your path, you will develop something you thought you never could.  A WILL.  A WILL to say no or yes to a decision for the better.  A WILL to refrain.  A Will to choose the healthier of the two.  A WILL to not give up, cut short that walk or swim.   A WILL to sleep instead of getting up and going for that jog.  A WILL to not give in to temptation even when it is all around you and everyone else is doing it.  Then, and only then will you start to see the new you.  A person of discipline and integrity.  People will notice the difference, not only in your appearance but in the way you choose aside from everyone else.  You will  sleep better, have more energy, the fog will lift and your illnesses and frailties will vanish and you will no longer feel depressed or fatigued.  You will become the person you were meant to be, extraordinary…..



Belly Milestone!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  A few days ago I hit a major milestone!  This milestone is huge and I’m not talking walking another mile or losing another ten pounds or weighing under a certain weight in so long……I’m talking HUGE milestone.  Now granted I had to flex and tighten my abdominal area for this momentous event.  Are you ready for this because I don’t know if you are because I was barely ready for this when it happened.  All right all right no more babbling.  Drum roll, please…….I went for my daily swim at the public pool and was showering afterward as usual.  I tried untying my board shorts in the water but ended up knotting it.  As I was showering I happened to untie it without any usual resistance and then I looked down and retied it so I wouldn’t have my shorts at my feet when I’m walking around.  After pulling the string and seeing that it wasn’t going to  break and seeing I didn’t tie myself into another knot I continued showering.  Then my head shoots up and I realized something magnificent had just transpired.  The choir of angels began to sing in loud joyous praises the word, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah” as the heavenly light fell down upon me in the shower.  I SAW myself tie my shorts.  Did you get that? I saw myself tie my board short strings into a bow.  I witnessed the entire tying of the strings down to the tightening of it and looked at it rest on my waist.  Yes, dear brothers and sisters, I SAW my string.  It has been too long a time that I have not been able to see this remarkable event due to the ever-obstructive obstinate entity I have named, George.  That would be my belly.  His name is George.  I am slowly making George go away and stay away for good because I am tired of hauling him around and not liking the way I look in the mirror.  This has made my spirit soar and has given me fire under my rump to keep up the daily grind and hack away at those unwanted pounds.  People.  This is a victory for all of us who are doing the diet and exercise thang…….you know…….those of us who are rewiring our brains and retraining our bodies how to eat again and how to exercise again and how to be consistent again.   We are Kings for a day.  This day I revel with you.  My victory is your victory.  We are victorious together.  I have a daydream that one day we will all walk hand in hand, sweating away the insecurities of our lives and resurrecting the divine potential within us all.  I have a daydream that big people and little people and tall people and short people will look at one another as just people.  One day, today, is a small victory for us all, but tomorrow, tomorrow will be your victory and your victory will be mine as well.

On your mark…….get set…….go!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Let me tell you something……being sick is the pits.  My throat, and specifically, my tonsils are so sore.  There isn’t any puss in them….yet…….but I’m keeping vigil over them.  They are affecting my ears and more specifically behind my ears with my eustachian tubes.  I was told by a chiropractor, once, to massage

Whole wheat tortillas with ham and turkey slices, lettuce, tomato, sliced cheddar with a teaspoon of low-fat ranch dressing......Yummy to the tummy!

the eustachian tubes in a downward motion applying pressure until it was uncomfortable and do that for a minute and then switch sides.  It is supposed to alleviate pressure by clearing the tubes and allowing for unobstructed drainage to occur.  We’ll see.  Today is my big weigh in but I just don’t think I’m going to make it today.  I apologize for it because I was really looking forward to it but I just don’t feel good right now.  I’ve pushed it to Wednesday which gives me enough time to get over this bug.  I’m just very lethargic and sleepy tired and sore tonsils and ears.  I still think I’m going to continue lifting through this and loading up on lots of water and vitamin C and Zinc. 

Quiche….wonderful Quiche!

My wife prepared a wonderful quiche this morning.  It is the first one she has attempted to make

Quiche is a wonderful balance of several food groups and is truly delicious!

and it was very delicious.  We substituted real bacon for turkey bacon, used low-fat cheese and low-fat cream cheese, broccoli and eggs.  WoW!  Very delicious and a great source of protein, dairy and vegetables.  I will post the recipe on this site after I finish this posting.  What a great balance of the different food groups.  We will be making vegetarian ones and other types of Quiche since it turned out so well.  Last night we had my son’s birthday dinner of hamburgers.  We home-make each patty and add our own “secret” teriyaki sauce to it that is just wickedness in a handbasket.  The burgers were juicing and spilling over on the grill and when cooked right to a medium, they are tender and oh so dreamy.  Through the lips and over the tongue lookout tummy here it comes!  One word for these burgers…..EPIC!  And you can take that to the bank.

Why wait till nighttime to workout, honey???

This question has come my way by means of wife many times.  I have given her many reasons.  The truth?  I am ashamed to go out during the day and go for a walk/jog.  I am not comfortable in my own body.  How is that???  It might seem ridiculous to a lot of you but these are real feelings.  I now know and can empathize with all those people who are struggling with their weight.  I will not and do not feel ready to workout in public.  Let me tell you of an experience I had at the store.  The other day in Walmart I saw a man, not much older than I and probably younger than my young age of 35 who was quite large.  I saw him sway back and forth with concerted effort as he made his way out of the bathroom stall to wash his hands.  He had his pants pulled over his belly, possibly to hide what can’t be hid by the pants, making the bottom hemmed portion of his pant legs seem like high-water pants.  I could see the frustration in his walk and the amount of energy spent on his face that let me know how much it took for him to even move.  His breathing was labored and he did not wear a wedding ring.  Not even a hint of a circular mark left by a ring once worn.  He seemed to be single by the way he handled himself, how he looked at his reflection in the mirror.  His face carried that look of, “how do I look today”, look.  I saw him walk out the door and I followed with my three-year-old daughter holding my hand.  She needed to go and going into the girl’s bathroom is NOT an option for me.  I watched him carefully swaying from side to side.  I wanted to yell out at him and tell him that I knew what he was feeling.  He approached an electric cart he was using to wheel him around the store and bent over for a good ten or fifteen seconds to unplug it and wrap the cord up.  When he came up his face was flushed bright red as he bent over the scooter resting his body on his forearms that had found the top edge of his seat.  His breathing had become labored again from exerting the bend over.  I know he could not breathe when he bent over.  That has happened to me before…putting on shoes, putting on socks, scrubbing my feet…..need I go on.  He eventually made it into the scooter, started it up and gently eased his way back out into the world of strangers staring at him and wondering what his medical condition might be.  Don’t lie.  You have all thought that about everyone riding those things that you have come across while shopping.  I am empathetic to all who are like me now.  I no longer need to wonder but can have only compassion for them.  This blog is my reaching out to all of them and anyone who thinks it can’t be done.  We’re going to do this and we’re going to do it with style.  So, on go.  On your mark……get set………wait, is it dark outside…..okay….and………..go!