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From Fat to Fit………clicks and pics!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Ladies and gentlemen.  Boys and girls.  Let us take a moment to reflect…………………..Okay, enough of that.  Today is the day I was measured, poked, prodded, and examined by my wife.  This is for her and only her for this past week.  Let us see if my undying love is strong enough to help me start to drop it a little faster, shall we?  So, here are the stats without much further adieu:

Chest:  50 inches

Biceps:  18 inches

Thighs:  27 7/8 inches

Waist:  55 inches

Belly:  Drum roll please……………..57 6/8 inches!  Woohoo!  That’s down from a whopping 62 inches.  We have read it can be as high as ten pounds of fat and as low as five pounds per inch.  Either way, we both agreed that I reached the goal!  I scored brownie points for myself with my wife by making a real promise and keeping it just for her!

Dedicated to my wife pic!


Second pic from the side.........

Next week we’re going for the same results!  I dedicate this next week to my children.  I want to run with them and play tag with them for hours.  I want to be able to swim and hike and bike and run and wrestle all in the same day.  I want to play sports again.  I desire most to be an example to my children that healthy is a life-long lifestyle and the only lifestyle.  So, here’s to the man who invented free weights that we may build muscles and become stronger individuals.  Here’s to the Greeks who invented the marathon and challenged the body to push itself to the limits of failure.  Here’s to all those individuals who day in and day out chisel out bodies of granite to set precedence amongst us who look to them for inspiration and admiration.  And, last but not least, here’s to a really good pizza because without good food like this, a cheat day just wouldnt be a cheat day without them.
Pinned Image

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor hail………….

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Here again from two days ago.  Two days ago I had an epic workout of a couple of miles on the bike and then I powerwalked half a mile and jogged the other half.  It was run one walk one until I reached a mile.  Yesterday morning I went walking with the family in the neighborhood and MAN was it cold!  It’s not New York cold by any means but cold for my acclimated tropical blood cold in 40 degree weather!  And then the wind blew and it felt like lollipops and sunshine…..NOT!  Cold is cold no matter where you are from.  Period.  So, getting back to the walk……..it was brisk, it was heart-pumping, it was definitely a hard walk mixed with the freezing cold.  I made every attempt and plan to workout again that evening.  That evening became colder and I gave in.  I can’t do that for the results I am looking for.  It is three o’clock and I haven’t done any exercise yet.  However, I have an epic workout planned for my out-of-shape self tonight.  Let’s just say Uncle Pono won’t have trouble sleeping after tonight’s workout! 

Aches, pains and more aches……..

When I started this endeavor, I had grandeur thoughts of muscles popping out everywhere and that I could run and not get tired.  One thought on that……I forgot to think about the journey getting there.  Right above my knee caps on both legs it feels tight.  I think my right knee is filled with fluid.  I know with the weight loss all these things will gradually go away as my knees will not have all that extra weight on it as it moves around.  Oh joy, rapture!!!  What a day that will be.  I am actually lifting lighter because of two things.  I am preparing my joints for normal mobility and so I upped my reps and lessened the weight.  I also injured my right wrist…as to how I did it I know not.  When I hold it out in front of me palm side down, I can’t turn it upward, the outside of my arm and wrist going counterclockwise.   It hurts a whole bunch.  I actually think I was moving something heavy with someone about two weeks ago and I was pushed back and braced impact on the wall behind me with my right arm and hit my wrist area on a bar or something.  I vaguely remember doing that and it hurting for a second.  But afterwards, it smarted a lot.  I compensate with lighter weightlifting and extremely strict form and extremely slow movements and it doesn’t hurt my wrist or compromise my range of movement.  For now, it is lots of cardio and light weights.  Lots of fruits and veggies and light on the protein.  Now, let’s all prepare for a good week of eating, exercising and living on the right side of the force………..

If you peel it right, the banana will come…………

Something I learned a while back about bananas that I have been doing for years now.  I find the sheer pleasure and joy in observing people battle, fight, squish, rip, cut, and curse out a banana because it will not open from the stem.  Have you ever watched a gorilla peel or some form of monkey peel a banana.  They will peel it from the bottom up.  Have you ever tried this.  If you peel a banana up, the bottom always gives way with some ease.   You end up ripping the little black thing at the bottom of the banana that we have once or twice eaten and regretted once that bitter nastiness filled our mouth.  So, peel from the bottom and you automatically remove upon first initial pop and rip, and you will usually avoid getting those stringy friends we all discard with quick annoyance.  And, this will all happen without stressing about whether the banana will open or if you will mash it first before winning the war of ripping it open.  So, take it from a monkey.  Bottoms up!!! 

Photos and measurements and exercise, oh my……..


My beautiful triathlete sister who is an inspiration to me!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Yesterday and the day before were great!  More than great, they were motivating.  How, you say?  My sister called me and asked me to meet her at the gym!  When someone else goes with you, calls you, stops by and invites you, texts you, emails you, or just plain harrasses you with the purpose of doing it with you, it can make a world of a difference between not going and going with a purpose.  I will say that it is much easier and funner to meet someone who is right there with you than to fly solo.  I mean, let’s check out history.  History only proves its better flying with a co-pilot.  There was Adam and Eve in the garden together, Bonnie and Clyde livin la vida loca, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, Bam Bam and Pebbles, Mutt and Jeff, Pinkey and the brain, Phineas and Ferb, Stockton and Malone, Montana and Rice, Jordan and Pippen, the Olsen twins, Batman and Robin….need I go on?  So, for this blog, thanks sis!  I have posted a couple of pics of my triathlete sister who made it to the world championships held in New Zealand next summer.  There she will compete for eternal glory…..oh, wait, that’s from Harry Potter….where she will compete for the world triathlete title!  Right now she is in the process of looking for sponsors so if any of you readers read this and know of people who donate to causes of athletic prowess, then give me a holler via comment and let me know!  I will be having her guest write on the bl0g from time to time about her training tips and such.  These pics are of her on some photo shoots, modelling for the likes of Trailrunner magazine, Brooks shoes and other athletic outdoor accessories.

When  in doubt, burn it out…….

There is definitely truth to the saying, “old school”.  Walking/jogging/running is old school and it is one of the few exercises that shows the most results with the most pain involved.  I am doing lots of cardio now.  I ride the bike for a couple of miles at a decent clip all the while sprinting for thirty-second intervals in between the huffs and puffs and screaming thoughts of STOOOOOOOOOOOOP running through my sweaty head!  I’m not gasping for air anymore, I’m begging God to shove it down my lungs as fast as he possibly can before I pass out!!!  I’ve been at it a couple of days and notice a huge difference in my knees.  The bike has strengthened my legs and my knees don’t hurt.  In fact my legs feel quite strong.  Hmmmmm.  Go figure.  Exercise = strength.  Genius.  I’m trying to find other exercises to incorporate as I inflict this torture on myself.  I, at times, don’t feel like going.  But then, I think of Drew, and I think of my friend Jeremy, and everyone else rooting for me.  I can’t let them down.  My kids are my biggest fans and I can’t let them down.  My example will instill a sense of health wellness in each of my children for life and not because I preached it to them on top of my parental pulpit.  So, I lace up my shoes with all these factors and people in mind and I do it again.  And I do it again.  Why?  Because they’re worth it.  Because I’m worth it.  That’s why.  Anyone care for a side of abs with  those biceps???

Side view of progress

Frontal view of progress weekly

Chest:  51 1/4 inches
Belly:  61 1/2 inches
Biceps:  19 inches
Thighs:  31 inches
I thought I started at 61 inches on the belly but that is just not so.  I have lost, probably four inches in the belly so I think I was more around 65-66 inches.  I am trying to find a good scale to weigh in on but the only place I may be able to go is 24-hour fitness.  So, tomorrow I go there and see if they will let me step on it.  Until then, I’ll upload photos and measurements weekly on Friday.  Sorry I was a day late.  It will be Fridays.  Until tomorrow, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Forget the gimmicks, run your a$$ off……

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Whoever thought that embarking on a journey of such wild and crazy dreams could be so gosh darn hard and unforgiving at times.  Man, when a person decides to change his or her life, it seems the sky begins to fall all around us.  When it rains, it pours.   As I continue my journey down these paths of excitement and unforseen inner struggles, I am reminded of one simple truth.  I am the only one responsible for anything I do.  So simple and yet so frickin hard to live up to just because of all the self hate talk that goes on in my mind.  Just FYI, from the word mind until this sentence is a break of about two and half hours.  I went, purely out of frustration, and did a quick-paced mile and then went to the park with the family.  It was such a beautiful day.  The breeze was in a constant state of movement, keeping the air fresh and really cool.  It was just absolutely refreshing and revitalizing.  After this blog I’m going to the gym to do some lifting and then some cardio on the bike and then I’m going for another quick-paced mile, maybe two.  I am trying to do two-a-days which has not been successful until today.  Today will be a victory for me as I actually am doing two cardios today.  This is my goal until the excess weight is off.  I have realized one thing, though.  You can either exercise your A$$ off and eat whatever you want, which you usually will eat a little better because of the exercise, or you can eat extremely well, and lose the weight quite nicely and pretty quick.  Dieting has never been a forte of mine, and yet as I eat my salads and delicious grilled chicken, or something like this, I see my body respond with such gusto it only motivates me even more to eat that way! 

Food, Glorious Food………

I just had to share a couple of recipes with you because we made them in the past several weeks and they were outstanding:

Pinned Image  Well, this is enchiladas with tomatillo sauce.  I want to let you know this recipe doesn’t just tickle the fancy, or break the mouth, or make your tongue jump outta your mouth and slap your momma in the face….oh, no…..this recipe will float your bubble.  Fantastic mexican explosion in your mouth full of vibrant flavors and soon after your eyes will roll in the back of your head and your body will breath that sigh of MMMMMMMMMMM!  The kind of MMMMMMMMMMM that says ON THE MONEY!  I highly recommend it.  I will be posting this recipe tomorrow morning along with a few others.  I actually found this recipe on pinterest for those of you who would like to know.  I actually have some amazing recipes I have made from pinterest that I want to share with you so I will be posting them tomorrow morning along with my morning gut blaster!  I have a theory.  I believe the HELL is the place where bad people go and when they get there, there is an enormous amount of chocolate chip cookies…the best they’ve ever tasted.  And there’s mountains of it along with any sort of treat possible.  But, alas, all things have a price.  With each bite you take, you gain a pound.  Now, there are those wh0 were kind and good and will go to HEAVEN.  In heaven, there are mountains of the best cookies and goodies and food to eat.  And in heaven, with each bite you take, you become more sculpted……now, isn’t it worth that kind of reward to be nice to someone every day?  I think so.


This is the dreaded thing most of us don’t want to do.  Publicize those demonic numbers, both in weight and in inches.  But, I think I want my readers to relate to me on this level too.  I want them to be open and to talk to me if they want to and express to me the same feelings they are experiencing.  I know this is a journey and with a journey comes all the preparation, including knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses.  I stand at 6’5 and actually do not know exactly how much I weigh but will find out when I can find a scale that works.  When I started this journey, my belly was around 61 inches.  I will have to measure and weigh in this Wednesday and will also keep track of my inches around my chest and legs and arms.  I’ll also post pics weekly so you as well as I can see the results and be proud.  I will be posting tomorrow morning so don’t be late and remember…..don’t let the bed bugs bite! 



Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  It has been about two days since my last post.  I feel like I am slacking on the posting area.  I love to post but the last two days have been Grande Central Station, USA, over here.  Otherwise, all is well on the homefront and exercise front and Ponofront.  A couple of recipes I must share with you as well as some new things I am doing to change my physical appearance from flab to fab and some of our songs we are dancing to, to shake your tailfeather.  

Confessions of a weightloss fiend…….

I must confess that I did not do much working out these last two days.  I have been doing a lot of leg work and I will say that I think Uncle Pono overdid it juuuuuuuuust a little bit.  Okay, I was feeling the groove and overdid it a lot.  Needless to say, my legs are still a little sore but nowhere near my crippledness a few days ago.  I have found my lost muscles that once were there many moons ago in my quadriceps, inner thighs and glutes and hamstrings.   Oh me oh my!  I will say that I have all ready been on my morning run.  And by the way, it was in the 40s this morning so I am now the unproud unowner of a few less eyebrows.  Yippee!  Aside from that, it was invigorating.  I always feel so accomplished when I do cardio in the morning.   That means I have the rest of the day for whatever else!  So today, I am going again tonight, but this time to the gym where I can get some weight training and some cardio……ooooooooh, I can’t wait! 


I caught myself thinking and dreaming about the day I can take my shirt off at a public pool and not even think about myself for a minute as I usually hurry and fall in backwards or jump in as soon as the shirt is sliding off my body.  I don’t want to give myself a moment’s glance of thought but just focus on the fun I will have in the pool with the kids.  I found myself sitting in the pool and just walking out of it from the shallow end because its time to go and not glancing around to see if anyone is even turned slightly in my direction for fear of turning them to stone if they beheld my portly physique.  I truly believe I miss life’s greatest moments in the slightest of things because I am caught up in myself.  I really feel conceited with all this self talk but the fact is it is self-consuming.  You wonder how people will perceive you.  You wonder if you are even good enough for your beautiful spouse who is so slender and attractive and you begin to think your worth is far beneath hers and that she could get anyone skinnier, more muscular, more lean and athletically built.  Someone whose jaw line was chiselled from the granite quarry up the road and whose abdominal muscles resemble those cobblestone-lined streets of Copenhagen where you visited that quaint cafe many years ago.    I heard it best put that we are not husky.  We are not hefty.  We are a “powerful frame with layer upon layer of dormant, relaxed muscle waiting like a panther to pounce upon its quivering prey”………Couple’s Retreat.