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From land thug to water bug………………..

Side view.......

Me in Texas……a before look…
Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Alas, photos and results.  It has taken me some time but I have figured out how to upload the photos from my camera to my sister’s laptop.  I still need to upload the software to this desktop so I can upload the pics directly here and straight to my blog.  As you can see I have lost a considerable amount of weight in my love handles and in my belly which is where I have been focusing my attention.  My workouts have become more explosive.  I have incorporated sprinting into my swimming routines which feels like someone put a plastic bag around my neck and I can’t get enough air into my lungs. Breathing while swimming is excruciating, especially when sprinting.  It truly is the greatest exercise torture a person can do without putting any strain on your joints.  I love it and hate it and look forward to it and dread the all-out sprint.  I literally have to  pull half my body out of the pool to get air without the water pressure doing a boa constrictor number on my lungs…….and as you can see, I am not really walking right now.  I strained my knee right before I got here and the more I stayed on it the worse it got and the tighter it felt restricting my range of motion.  I decided after doing research on it to stay off of it and just do pool work until I could get enough weight off.  I am going by inches right now and am still on the hunt for a good scale here on Oahu.  I will dedicate myself to finding one this week and divulging the results of my weight loss in poundages.  That will be the grande weigh in for next week and my first with numbers on weight.  Next week will be epic just because I haven’t been able to weigh in and see the results that I have been anxious to see.  Remember my philosophy on numbers.  It doesn’t matter how much you weigh.  What matters is your committment to your lifestyle changes; your committment to yourself and your family or whatever it is that drives you.  Your dedication here will help mold your life hereafter.  Dieting and exercise teaches discipline, dedication, consistency, and most important a positive attitude.  That number is only the beginning of your mindset to tell yourself that that is not the place you want to be…..that is not your destination of choice……..you would rather be somewhere like Tahiti than in Afghanistan right now. Hawaii is where you want to be with your eating habits, your body weight, your overall health index.  Afghanistan is where you are at right now.  HELL!  You are unhappy with your weight……you are unhappy with your body image and your self-esteem is somewhere between fecal matter and slug slime.  So, the first paradigm shift we need to make is to look at our weight and say that you are moving residences.  I am changing my phone number………I am getting a flat screen instead of that old huge box television set that should have been retired with that shag carpet thirty years ago.  I tried measuring myself but cannot do it accurately so I’m going to get my brother when he gets off at 4 p.m. today to help me do my measurements.  I apologize for that.  At least you can see the progress I’m making by comparing the pics.  I’m pretty proud of myself.

Side view

Me today in Hawaii.......

Swimming vs. walking………
I have found, for myself, that swimming is a much better exercise than walking for now.  I strained my knee approximately a month ago and as I continued on my walking routines and such my knee never got better.  I decided to lay off the weight-bearing exercises, including walking, and doing strictly pool workouts.  The kicking has helped my leg strength tremendously and my knee has been so much better than before.  The fluid in it is leaving my joint and my leg is progressively getting stronger without running or walking or even squatting.  The size of my right knee seems to be way down and almost the same size as my left knee.  I will probably stay off it for the next two weeks before trying some blacktop cardio again.  It is extremely refreshing to jump in the pool every morning and do my workout.  My entire body is relaxed and calm afterward and my joints don’t hurt due to the weightlessness the water creates.  Swimming has definitely saved my knees and helped me lose weight in the process!  So to those who have bad knees or strained ones or injured ones or just pain in them…..step into a pool and you’ll realize a whole new world of fitness, fun and joint-friendly fitness.

You are extraordinary…………..

Ecopolitan s raw taco pizzaHello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I have been having a hard time blogging just because.  I have intentions to blog but wait too long and before I know it, its bedtime.  I will set a goal for myself to be more diligent and blog daily like when I started this blog.  I have so much to tell and so much to share on my journey.  I need to post all these wonderful recipes I’ve come across and all the meals I’ve eaten that are extraordinary by any means.  I mean,I am literally depriving myself of fully expressing my day-to-day living and depriving all readers who support, encourage and follow me of the many things I have come to realize, come to enjoy and come to change.  With all this being said I will say that this is the first of two blogs today.  Just to let all people know, I am in Hawaii which means I am on Pacific Standard Time.  I am two hours behind California, three behind Utah and four behind Texas making the east coast five-fingered hours away from here.  I will be posting again with my measurement pictures and stats because my brother gets off of work today at 4 p.m.  I will take the photos and post so by nine or nine-thirty I should be blogged with my weight loss results.  Thank you for following me thus far and thank you to all for your encouragement and support.

Ice Cream Cake Cones

Temptations are always around us.....

You know, even after all this time, I have days, sometimes almost a full week where I consider eating something else.  A certain food crosses my mind and I want to eat it.  For so long now I have restrained and withheld and kept at bay many foods that I could eat, treats entering the house, passing a store, and even while I eat my meal.  However, I have noticed that when confronted with a “yummy” food, one that remains out-of-bounds with the dieting gods, the forbidden fruit of all self-proclaimed out-of-shapers, huskies, chubbies, flabbies, phatties, heavyweights, thunder-thighers, belly-totin miserables, I tend to make the correct decision to not partake or nibble or even sample that food for fear of regressing and erasing all the hard work I have put into my mind and body.  The decision is quite easy and I don’t even think about eating that food anymore.  It’s funny that it crosses my mind when unseen, yet when it becomes a visual in front of me I  have an easier time not eating it.  Now, that isn’t always.  It also depends on the food.  If I see pizza, then that day automatically becomes my cheat day because I cannot express to you in justifiable words the depth and love I have for pizza.  It is one of those foods that is so delicious and so soothing to my body and soul that I will not deprive myself of the marvelous decadent symphonies that await my ever-so-eager mouth.  And you know what, that is okay.  When you do well for a period of a week or two, you need to reward yourself and feel no guilt.  I do know this.  I have learned that as you first begin your lifestyle changes with your diet that it is imperative to stick to a disciplined menu to allow your body to rid itself of the many cravings for those foods less than good for you.  Once you have mastered yourself fairly well, then it would it be a good idea to have a cheat day.  The more you practice will power the more will power you will have to make better choices throughout your days and weeks!

Remind yourself of your accomplishments………..

Will power is a battle worth winning!

There are mornings I wake up and kinda feel like I could stay home and not go for that swim.  I have trained myself to immediately tell myself of all the progress I have made and how good I am feeling.  This allows me to get up and out of bed and look forward to another swim and another pound gone.  Reminding yourself of your progress allows you to see you are doing it daily and gives you that kick in the pants you need to get out of bed and do it again.  I feel my clothes getting looser on my body.  Shorts I could not button are now sliding off of me if I do not put a belt on.  Shirts once too tight to wear and too short now are hanging on me and are fitting me better.  Nobody will have a bigger influence on me or you but myself and yourself.  It is very difficult to stay positive but it is absolutely possible.  With all this said I will see you all this evening and tomorrow for some of you.  I will post again and post my pics and results and progress.  See you soon and wish me luck!

Un-supersize me please!

Huffin and a puffin to lose that belly........

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I don’t know if I had told you but my brother-in-law had hooked me up with a gym membership to Lifetime Fitness.  WoW!  Lifetime Fitness is such a beautiful gym.  It does not have the huge “WoW” factor with ostentatious amenities or the palacial-sized locker rooms with livingroom furniture or protein-flowing water fountains.  It is very homely inside.  The decor is quite nice with different sections having different feels to the area.  Even the lighting has an inviting call to each part of the entire club.  It is smaller, yet very comfortable.  I enjoy it thoroughly.  I have been one of the many who answer to its beckoned call.  There is almost a sacredness, at times, to the place before the rush of people enter through the front doors.  You can smell the sweat that has been shed there, the pain it has inflicted on many a soul.   And yet, you can feel the release of stress and tension on each dumbbell…..on each machine.  There has been many a pound lost within the walls of this facility.  This is a place of  triumph and honest work.  A place where everywhere you look, there are mirrors reflecting your true self back at you.  It is a place of real and honest reflection both outwardly and inwardly.  The inwardly begins to take on a confidence all its own once the outwardly starts to shrink.  You can’t run from you in there.  It is a religion all its own.  You go, you prepare, meditate, warm up, stretch, and begin your daily routine.  Then, you close at the end with a cool down, all the while focusing on the rhythm of your body.  It isn’t just a club or gym anymore.  It is a place of refuge where just for an hour or two, we, to ourselves, are the most important person in the world and I am just now realizing that I am worth those one or two

Higher, daddy, higher!

hours every day.  Our bodies are our temples.  Let us honor them as such.

Adding to my “About me”

I have decided to add to my “about me” on my homepage.  I will be doing that later on today and giving a breakdown of my week.  I will be writing about certain topics and myself each day and will have that for you in my “About me” section.  In this way, I won’t have to stress about writing what  I eat daily or my exercise routine daily.  I can skim over that briefly and share my feelings and pains and do the bulk of that on one day and log it in as my new post for that week and day.  I will use one day for my diet and all the recipes that follow.  I am new to blogging so I apologize to any who are confused or wondering about what I eat.  I feel doing it this way will help me organize my blog life better and give you better blogs about me and my triumphs and struggles.  I actually have fantastic recipes that I would love to share with you, also, especially since a lot of them are personal or family recipes.  So, later on this afternoon, I will add on to my “about me” section and you can follow my journey.

Starting from Scratch

As I started attending Lifetime Fitness daily now, I have had to start from scratch.  If you do too much when you are first starting or have been out of it for a long time, it is in your best interest to start light, very light.  I am not ashamed to lift much lighter weight than my counterparts in the gym.  It is all about technique over weight.  If you can master great technique,  you’re job is half over.  Your strength will be greater and your physique will be much more proportionate and growing muscle will be much smoother.  I actually jogged a half mile the other day!  YaY!  I am so out of shape it isn’t funny.  I was so proud of myself.  I might have been jogging very slowly, but it was my jog and I put forth heroic effort.  Today, I’m planning on doing circuit training with cardio only.  I’m going to hit the indoor track, then swim and kick for half an hour.  Oh, I can’t wait!  Remember, look for another post later on this afternoon!Pinned Image

Halloween is coming up so Happy Halloween you guys!!!

Curry, smoothies and salads…..oh my!

Raspberry smoothie!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I woke up yesterday and had a wonderful feeling in my knee.  Let me tell you….the sun was slowly coming out to allow our night’s rainfall, which was much needed, cool our morning air.  There’s nothing like walking outside and actually smelling the plants and flowers instead of the pavement and pollution.  Rain washes down the earth, even cleansing the sky.  Even the plants perk up, looking more vibrant and alive and the smells of the flowers and the cool air invigorate one’s soul.  The air was not heavily laden with summer’s usual companion, humidity.  Yesterday was a great day. 

Up, up and away………….

My knee was feeling a million times better.  Much of the stiffness had left me, leaving me nearly pain free.  I would still be cautious with it, but, I would still do my workout with everything I had.  I decided to do a 25-minute workout with the Biggest Loser Cardio workout DVD with Bob Harper.  Let me tell you, for 25 minutes , all you do are squats and lunges.  That’s it.  And, you do them at a good speed the entire time.  Let’s just say sweating is not the correct word for this rendezvous.  Its more like peeing out of every pore in your body.  Literally.  Even though my knee was still slightly tender, lunges and squats done with strict technique strengthens my legs and actually helps my knee to feel better.  That’s because I am building the muscle around my knee to help support and stabilize it so it takes pressure off the joint by strengthening it.  There are also a few exercises you can do to strengthen your knees without putting pressure on them.


Yesterday morning I ate a bowl of homemade yogurt with homemade granola and some preserves.  Yummy!  This morning I had a half cup of white rice and one cup of authentic chicken curry.  So delicious, so tasty and so healthy for you.  We also made the Biggest Loser raspberry smoothie.  Make sure to look under my next blog today for the curry recipe and smoothie recipe

Indian chicken curry!

 under my recipes section found at the top of my blog homepage.  Last night for dinner, I had half a lemon and herb chicken and a salad with two tablespoons of light Ranch dressing.  Ahhh, so delish!!!

One week free pass to Life Time Fitness…….

I signed up for a one week free pass to Life Time Fitness so today I will be seeing an associate and after that, it’s on.  They have a rock-climbing wall, indoor and outdoor pools, weight area, cardio area, and much more.  I hear they are pretty awesome so I’m pretty excited to go.  I will definitely be taking advantage this week and doing a lot of swimming and kicking, lots of treadmill and lots of weight training.  I can’t wait and I will absolutely post pics…….Happy sweating!!!!!