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Hello Stranger!!!

My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire. WoW! It has been way too long. Let me tell you. I have had my ups, downs, plateaus and you name it Idunnit! I am finally back on track again. Talk about a couple of months hiatus. I guess i’m the typical dieter/exerciser. I had put back on some weight with bad eating and no moving around. I will say that school started and i had nowhere to go. I sleep in my car because rent is too expensive, shower at the beach park late at night and yada yada yada. Cry me a river. I have been so exhausted these last 8 weeks. The semester flew by but without mercy. I took ten credits these last six weeks and they were heavy-loaded classes with their fair share of paper writing, researching, and reading. I’m talking by the truckloads. I don’t get but a few hours of sleep at night which is also not good for healthy living or weightloss. Maybe on a good night I will scratch four hours. I’m up a lot because there are tweakers and drug addicts about 200 ft. from where I park. Not too close but I wake up a lot to make sure no one is snooping around the car. I actually fell asleep in the beach bathroom changing my clothes once. I opened my eyes and it was morning. Whoops……..so anyway i am consistently back in the gym lifting like a man possessed and just starting swimming again. It feels great to be in the pool again. I have been looking for my camera and realize it is gone. I fly to Texas to see my children and wife so I will take a few pics there and post. It’s time to get back on track with this blog and let her rip! It’s time to get to my destination where I will maintain myself for the rest of my life. My goal? 60 more pounds and we’ll see how I feel and look and if I want more. My goal is to be able to run down the basketball court without tiring in two months. I believe this is possible. I believe I can. It’s gonna happen. To all my followers, thank you for your beautiful comments. I appreciate you and your support. Lets get back on the train and complete this leg of the journey. Aloha to all and my love to all and i will be posting regularly from today on. Expect pics taken by my wife by next week! Aloha!



Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Well hallelujah and zippadeedoodah!  I am back in the blogging world.  Let’s just say I took a hiatus from the world of blogging, mainly due to lack of computer cooperation, busy with work and getting back into school and, of course, I moved to Hawaii.  Why can’t we just have a “smooth sailing” button to push and when we do, voila!  Poof!  Boom!  Life falls into place and everything is taken care of for that day or couple of days…..heck, even a week would be pretty much outrageous.  I am still on track on the weight loss but kinda maintained my weight a little more than I wanted to.  I slowed down with the weight loss but have still been chipping away at it, slowly and painfully.  If there is one thing I have come to learn is the dreaded word…………………DIET!  It is everything.  I hate deviating off of it but when your resources run low, money, time, food, access, transportation, whatever, your diet changes to accommodate your current lifestyle.  And while you still eat pretty well, the gumption to give it all you’ve got in the pool or gym or street, even, goes down.  Why?  Because you know  that your diet is not where you want it so it’s like walking uphill in the snow barefoot…..really, it truly is.  It is HARD!  I am refocusing my diet as of yesterday to the stern regiment I once had it one. I actually love it when I eat really well.  I feel better, no bloating, no sick feeling after eating, no overfull sickness and the list goes on and on.  Exercise is so good to do but soooooo great to do when your diet is aligned with it.  I have days where I want to do less than stellar on that bike or, as of a few days ago, TREADMILL!!!, I try to push through.  Am I resilient all the time and do it perfectly with my heart rate at a maximum effort every day, week after week?  Honestly, no!  But to all you fanatics and know-it-alls who base your arguments on hearsay…………Its okay.  Life goes on.  The sun still rises and your reflection will still be in that mirror when you wake up.  Now, how it looks at you will depend on you.  So I suggest smiling.  It is far more appealing on a hard morning or especially when you just don’t want to put those shoes on.  I know.  It happens all the time.  I try not to get down on myself and remember that it’s not the destination that I’m working towards but a lifelong journey that I embarked on and hopefully you will all continue to join me as we continue our lifelong work together as anatomical engineers…….

My Forever Valentine……….

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Tomorrow is a day of great importance, especially with those individuals who have significant others whom they impart of their most intimate feelings, sharing all complexities and beautiful strands of life that make up a relationship. Many of us will discover the path of enrichment in life, finding our truest happiness in our soul mate and finding great fulfillment in putting forth all we have to make the relationship stronger each day and enjoying the strength of the love that is nourished and fostered by both committed individuals.  A wise man once told me, “The greatest moment in our life will be when we find someone who we love with all our souls and they reciprocate that love back.  Why call it a moment?  Because when this happens that very moment can last the rest of our lives.”  I am convinced that is true.  An uncle of mine once asked me a very bold and honest question one night.  He asked me is marriage is worth it.  I responded and said as I truly believe this, “yes, uncle, marriage is worth fighting for.”  I have been blessed to have such a wonderful woman who has reciprocated that fierce and deep love that I have expressed to her.  She has a very unique quality that few possess.  She is able to make any person of any background, creed, ethnicity……you name it, feel comfortable around her and trust her instantly.  She has a way of emulating love for all people regardless of who they are.  Many of my friends asked me is she was from Hawaii because she, “has so much Aloha.”  Valentine’s Day is significant to both my wife and I because it is the day I proposed to her.  I did it on this day so I would always effortlessly remember this and be able to tell my children and them theirs of when and how I asked their mother for her hand in marriage.  I decided to share a little background on Valentine’s Day with the many legends that precede it.  Here are a few of them: 

Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons, where they were often beaten and tortured. According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.

Whether they are true or not, Valentine’s Day is a day to express our love to our significant other, in particular, and to those whom we have developed relationships with including family members, close friends and whoever we feel a need to recognize in our life.  We should always express ourselves to those we love but Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for just that.  So, take advantage of this entire day.  Let whoever in your life know how much you love and appreciate them.  I want to express my love to my wife on this special day.  I am here in Hawaii but my heart and mind are always her. So on this very special day, Happy Valentine’s Day, Christa!  I love you!

My flying nightmare…………

My beautiful Hawaii!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I read this post on another blog that I really related to and thought I should blog my own experience with it. I just made the move back to my home you all know as Hawaii.  I am currently residing on the island of Oahu on the leeward side of the island.  I moved here approximately a month and a half ago.  I flew here on US Airways and can I just tell you do not at any cost fly US Airways!  I have flown them once before and my experiences have been nothing shy of horrific!  I am a big man.  I know this.  One of my biggest stresses is flying…..why?   If you are a decent sized person then you know that sitting in one of those seats is like being packed like a can of sardines one right up against the other with  space in between.  When I found my seat the first thing that crossed my mind was, “am I going

A wicked hoisin chicken salad that trumps most salads!

to be able to buckle myself or am I going to need to raise my hand and try to quietly and discreetly request a seat belt extension?  Well, my fears were confirmed.  I squeezed into my seat and realized how painful the flight was going to be.  My hips were being crushed and the discomfort and pain was already there just a few minutes after settling in.  I tried to buckle the belt, being a wishful thinker and all.  To my unsurprise it did not reach!  Nooooooooooooooooooooo!  My thoughts were like screams in my mind.  I couldn’t believe I had to ask for that extension!  Oh the shame……….and so my hand slowly crept its way up as the flight attendant passed.  Excuse me, miss, may I??????  Next thing I know she had found an extension for me and I quickly buckled my self in.  The flight was excruciating.  I felt like everyone had seen her hand the buckle to me and was thinking fat man thoughts about me!  That is my perception and my perception is my reality, whether true or not.  The seat felt like a vice grip.  Its mission was to make my legs go numb and halfway through the flight they started to get a little tingly.  All I did was pray and tried to fall asleep.  To my delight and relief we arrived at the Phoenix airport and I got off the plane and waited just over an hour before boarding again.  Same scenario.  Deja vu on the shame and embarrassment and the seat was loving on me as if Zeus himself were trying to squeeze the last breath out of me.  I sat next to a young couple and let me tell you my pet peeve is when small people, especially this young man next to me sits in his seat spread out slightly leaning to my side, his left arm all over my right-side arm of my chair, legs spread and going slightly into my space.  I waited patiently, bunched up and leaning left into the aisle until he went to the bathroom.  When he returned, I had relaxed my shoulder, put my arm on my armrest and let my legs stretch out in front of me being careful not to impose on his space.  I saw his face as he saw that I took ownership over my area and he seemed a little disjointed.  I could tell on his face.  He sat down and  tried to push my arm off and tried to stretch his leg into my area and tried to lean left into my shoulders.  He actually had the audacity to try to push my arm off the armrest.  I opened my eyes, having them closed, looked at him and saw him looking at me.  I said, “hi”.  He did not respond but just kept trying to push my arm off.  I then calmly reminded him that he was a small man imposing on my space and I didn’t appreciate it and he needed to stay in his chair space and all would be all right.  Amidst his grumblings and whatnot, I ignored him and fell asleep for while and then suddenly we landed.  I hate flying.  I also vowed as I stepped on Hawaiian ground again that if I had  to that I would do so a slim and fit man!  That has led me to this point so far.  I was actually starting this process in Texas but have since increased my workouts and intensity because of this situation.  If ever I am having trouble getting going all I have to do is remember how it felt to sit in a seat I could not fit in for hours on end.

Food for thought…………

Soy bean hummus!

I wanted to share in pictures some of the things I have been eating with you so you can get a feel for my dieting habits.  I love lettuce wraps with anything in them.  One of the lettuce wraps I love to eat I spread some soy bean hummuson it and layer a tomato, onion, cilantro, garlic and apple cider vinegar mix on top of that and crunch away.  It is absolutely delicious and filling.  I eat two, maybe three of those and I’m good for a few hours.  Sometimes I eat it on toast, but I prefer romaine lettuce leaves because it keeps me lighter and better and fewer carbs.  I try to eat 30 minutes from waking up in the morning

First you put the hummus on the romaine leaf....

and intaking 30 grams of protein.  I usually eat eggs or a lettuce turkey wrap or sometimes just some oatmeal and a couple of hard-boiled eggs.  I also love fresh fruit in the morning and throughout the day and nuts for snacks.  A handful of almonds coupled with raisins or berries or some form of fruit is my favorite.  I love makingmy own yogurt but with my kids and wife not here yet, it is just too much yogurt to make in a crock pot.  The quantity is massive….literally one whole gallon of milk.  If I can’t find anything for a meal, and I usually like smaller  meals throughout the day, I’ll grab one or two pieces of whole wheat bread, toast them and eat them with a

Then add your tomato sal\ad and voila!

tablespoon of peanut butter.  Love it!

Sometimes I eat it on toast!

Where I work out……….

This is where I swim......100 ft. from the house......

Here are a few pics of where I work out.  I use the beach a lot for my swimming which makes it harder due to the different currents that pull me in different directions while swimming.  When I swim in the pool it seems so easy and effortless because it’s just still water.  The ocean is like a circus and the pool is like a Japanese garden…..full of zen and serenity!

The path looking from the beach down to the house.........

From land thug to water bug………………..

Side view.......

Me in Texas……a before look…
Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Alas, photos and results.  It has taken me some time but I have figured out how to upload the photos from my camera to my sister’s laptop.  I still need to upload the software to this desktop so I can upload the pics directly here and straight to my blog.  As you can see I have lost a considerable amount of weight in my love handles and in my belly which is where I have been focusing my attention.  My workouts have become more explosive.  I have incorporated sprinting into my swimming routines which feels like someone put a plastic bag around my neck and I can’t get enough air into my lungs. Breathing while swimming is excruciating, especially when sprinting.  It truly is the greatest exercise torture a person can do without putting any strain on your joints.  I love it and hate it and look forward to it and dread the all-out sprint.  I literally have to  pull half my body out of the pool to get air without the water pressure doing a boa constrictor number on my lungs…….and as you can see, I am not really walking right now.  I strained my knee right before I got here and the more I stayed on it the worse it got and the tighter it felt restricting my range of motion.  I decided after doing research on it to stay off of it and just do pool work until I could get enough weight off.  I am going by inches right now and am still on the hunt for a good scale here on Oahu.  I will dedicate myself to finding one this week and divulging the results of my weight loss in poundages.  That will be the grande weigh in for next week and my first with numbers on weight.  Next week will be epic just because I haven’t been able to weigh in and see the results that I have been anxious to see.  Remember my philosophy on numbers.  It doesn’t matter how much you weigh.  What matters is your committment to your lifestyle changes; your committment to yourself and your family or whatever it is that drives you.  Your dedication here will help mold your life hereafter.  Dieting and exercise teaches discipline, dedication, consistency, and most important a positive attitude.  That number is only the beginning of your mindset to tell yourself that that is not the place you want to be…..that is not your destination of choice……..you would rather be somewhere like Tahiti than in Afghanistan right now. Hawaii is where you want to be with your eating habits, your body weight, your overall health index.  Afghanistan is where you are at right now.  HELL!  You are unhappy with your weight……you are unhappy with your body image and your self-esteem is somewhere between fecal matter and slug slime.  So, the first paradigm shift we need to make is to look at our weight and say that you are moving residences.  I am changing my phone number………I am getting a flat screen instead of that old huge box television set that should have been retired with that shag carpet thirty years ago.  I tried measuring myself but cannot do it accurately so I’m going to get my brother when he gets off at 4 p.m. today to help me do my measurements.  I apologize for that.  At least you can see the progress I’m making by comparing the pics.  I’m pretty proud of myself.

Side view

Me today in Hawaii.......

Swimming vs. walking………
I have found, for myself, that swimming is a much better exercise than walking for now.  I strained my knee approximately a month ago and as I continued on my walking routines and such my knee never got better.  I decided to lay off the weight-bearing exercises, including walking, and doing strictly pool workouts.  The kicking has helped my leg strength tremendously and my knee has been so much better than before.  The fluid in it is leaving my joint and my leg is progressively getting stronger without running or walking or even squatting.  The size of my right knee seems to be way down and almost the same size as my left knee.  I will probably stay off it for the next two weeks before trying some blacktop cardio again.  It is extremely refreshing to jump in the pool every morning and do my workout.  My entire body is relaxed and calm afterward and my joints don’t hurt due to the weightlessness the water creates.  Swimming has definitely saved my knees and helped me lose weight in the process!  So to those who have bad knees or strained ones or injured ones or just pain in them…..step into a pool and you’ll realize a whole new world of fitness, fun and joint-friendly fitness.

You are extraordinary…………..

Ecopolitan s raw taco pizzaHello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I have been having a hard time blogging just because.  I have intentions to blog but wait too long and before I know it, its bedtime.  I will set a goal for myself to be more diligent and blog daily like when I started this blog.  I have so much to tell and so much to share on my journey.  I need to post all these wonderful recipes I’ve come across and all the meals I’ve eaten that are extraordinary by any means.  I mean,I am literally depriving myself of fully expressing my day-to-day living and depriving all readers who support, encourage and follow me of the many things I have come to realize, come to enjoy and come to change.  With all this being said I will say that this is the first of two blogs today.  Just to let all people know, I am in Hawaii which means I am on Pacific Standard Time.  I am two hours behind California, three behind Utah and four behind Texas making the east coast five-fingered hours away from here.  I will be posting again with my measurement pictures and stats because my brother gets off of work today at 4 p.m.  I will take the photos and post so by nine or nine-thirty I should be blogged with my weight loss results.  Thank you for following me thus far and thank you to all for your encouragement and support.

Ice Cream Cake Cones

Temptations are always around us.....

You know, even after all this time, I have days, sometimes almost a full week where I consider eating something else.  A certain food crosses my mind and I want to eat it.  For so long now I have restrained and withheld and kept at bay many foods that I could eat, treats entering the house, passing a store, and even while I eat my meal.  However, I have noticed that when confronted with a “yummy” food, one that remains out-of-bounds with the dieting gods, the forbidden fruit of all self-proclaimed out-of-shapers, huskies, chubbies, flabbies, phatties, heavyweights, thunder-thighers, belly-totin miserables, I tend to make the correct decision to not partake or nibble or even sample that food for fear of regressing and erasing all the hard work I have put into my mind and body.  The decision is quite easy and I don’t even think about eating that food anymore.  It’s funny that it crosses my mind when unseen, yet when it becomes a visual in front of me I  have an easier time not eating it.  Now, that isn’t always.  It also depends on the food.  If I see pizza, then that day automatically becomes my cheat day because I cannot express to you in justifiable words the depth and love I have for pizza.  It is one of those foods that is so delicious and so soothing to my body and soul that I will not deprive myself of the marvelous decadent symphonies that await my ever-so-eager mouth.  And you know what, that is okay.  When you do well for a period of a week or two, you need to reward yourself and feel no guilt.  I do know this.  I have learned that as you first begin your lifestyle changes with your diet that it is imperative to stick to a disciplined menu to allow your body to rid itself of the many cravings for those foods less than good for you.  Once you have mastered yourself fairly well, then it would it be a good idea to have a cheat day.  The more you practice will power the more will power you will have to make better choices throughout your days and weeks!

Remind yourself of your accomplishments………..

Will power is a battle worth winning!

There are mornings I wake up and kinda feel like I could stay home and not go for that swim.  I have trained myself to immediately tell myself of all the progress I have made and how good I am feeling.  This allows me to get up and out of bed and look forward to another swim and another pound gone.  Reminding yourself of your progress allows you to see you are doing it daily and gives you that kick in the pants you need to get out of bed and do it again.  I feel my clothes getting looser on my body.  Shorts I could not button are now sliding off of me if I do not put a belt on.  Shirts once too tight to wear and too short now are hanging on me and are fitting me better.  Nobody will have a bigger influence on me or you but myself and yourself.  It is very difficult to stay positive but it is absolutely possible.  With all this said I will see you all this evening and tomorrow for some of you.  I will post again and post my pics and results and progress.  See you soon and wish me luck!

Breaking through the formidable runner’s wall……

us catching the train at the zoo!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire…….so freakin bad!  A lot has transpired since my last post.  For some reason I had one post this last week that did not post nor can I find it anywhere in my posts at all for editing.  It has basically vanished into thin air.  I have not one clue where it went……..however, here I am.  This week was definitely my runner’s wall as they call it.  I pretty much did not work out but maybe once.  My eating has been okay but could be better.  I think I put on a couple of pounds back on due to my lack of motivation.  I’ll expound more upon this in my next paragraph!

Runner’s wall…….

I was doing pretty well until a week ago.  I think one of the problems is I can’t find an accurate scale to weigh myself so I’m not doing myself any justice by not seeing the progress I’m making.  At the same time I am so fearful of looking at the progress I’m making for some reason.  I feel that since I hit the “wall”, I might as well sabotage myself and do what I do best……and that is fail at it so I don’t expect too much out of myself and let myself down too much also.  That way, I’m not letting myself down well into the program and I can tell myself I gave it my best shot but, “oh well”!  The thinking is really off but these are my thoughts that run through my head.  I can slowly gain my weight back and keep lying to myself that I am trying daily my very best when in fact I am not being fully honest with myself.  I was really thinking deeply about it also this past week and was almost wallowing in my pity until it hit me.  My epiphany.  My wake-up call.  I think everyone needs one.  You can definitely find one if you think hard enough.  The thing going for me is I really want to be better.  I want to triumph over this.  I want to look in the mirror and say I am strong.  I am powerful.  I am unstoppable.  Then, one day……..WHAM!


As I sat there in thought and really struggling to through the negative self-talk for not working out yet another day, it came to me.  I am so caught up in myself I forgot the reason I was doing this.  I reread my About me section again.  I am not doing this for me.  I am doing this for them.  The five innocent wee ones that depend on me.  The ones that look up to me and say, “I wanna be strong like daddy when I grow up”!  The darkness instantly cleared and my vision became very clear.  Oh yes, I said to myself.  I am not here for me.  My personal virtues will benefit from everything I do positively for the better naturally as my life takes its course.  My children will benefit naturally also as I better myself.  I will continue to better myself as I live for them.  They will be my constant reminder and my personal little cricket telling me to do it again because its good for me.  I feel like a ton of bricks have lifted off my back.  I don’t care that I put a couple of pounds back on or that I missed a week.  My shoes are already on tied on my feet and when I publish this post I’m going for a run.  Then, I’ll do my run again before trick or treating and then tonight.  I’m going to do the Forrest Gump and keep runnin until my friendly neighborhood friend, Mr. Belly, leaves for good.  So, I’ve got measurements I’ll be posting this evening along with our successful haul of delectable sugary wonders we’ll be graciously pleading for at each lit doorway we come across.  Then I’ll measure everything in one week and have a pic for you too!  I want to tell anyone following to keep following me and to keep struggling to lose the weight along with me.  It’s time for a revolution of the mind!


Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  It has been about two days since my last post.  I feel like I am slacking on the posting area.  I love to post but the last two days have been Grande Central Station, USA, over here.  Otherwise, all is well on the homefront and exercise front and Ponofront.  A couple of recipes I must share with you as well as some new things I am doing to change my physical appearance from flab to fab and some of our songs we are dancing to, to shake your tailfeather.  

Confessions of a weightloss fiend…….

I must confess that I did not do much working out these last two days.  I have been doing a lot of leg work and I will say that I think Uncle Pono overdid it juuuuuuuuust a little bit.  Okay, I was feeling the groove and overdid it a lot.  Needless to say, my legs are still a little sore but nowhere near my crippledness a few days ago.  I have found my lost muscles that once were there many moons ago in my quadriceps, inner thighs and glutes and hamstrings.   Oh me oh my!  I will say that I have all ready been on my morning run.  And by the way, it was in the 40s this morning so I am now the unproud unowner of a few less eyebrows.  Yippee!  Aside from that, it was invigorating.  I always feel so accomplished when I do cardio in the morning.   That means I have the rest of the day for whatever else!  So today, I am going again tonight, but this time to the gym where I can get some weight training and some cardio……ooooooooh, I can’t wait! 


I caught myself thinking and dreaming about the day I can take my shirt off at a public pool and not even think about myself for a minute as I usually hurry and fall in backwards or jump in as soon as the shirt is sliding off my body.  I don’t want to give myself a moment’s glance of thought but just focus on the fun I will have in the pool with the kids.  I found myself sitting in the pool and just walking out of it from the shallow end because its time to go and not glancing around to see if anyone is even turned slightly in my direction for fear of turning them to stone if they beheld my portly physique.  I truly believe I miss life’s greatest moments in the slightest of things because I am caught up in myself.  I really feel conceited with all this self talk but the fact is it is self-consuming.  You wonder how people will perceive you.  You wonder if you are even good enough for your beautiful spouse who is so slender and attractive and you begin to think your worth is far beneath hers and that she could get anyone skinnier, more muscular, more lean and athletically built.  Someone whose jaw line was chiselled from the granite quarry up the road and whose abdominal muscles resemble those cobblestone-lined streets of Copenhagen where you visited that quaint cafe many years ago.    I heard it best put that we are not husky.  We are not hefty.  We are a “powerful frame with layer upon layer of dormant, relaxed muscle waiting like a panther to pounce upon its quivering prey”………Couple’s Retreat.

Taking the road less travelled…………

Steps can be brutal, but they are oh so good for ya!

Hello.   My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  So much has transpired since I last blogged.  I apologize to my readers for missing a day or two.   Sometimes life just bombards you, interrupting your life like an unwelcome guest.  A guest that never showers or cleans so that when that guest leaves, you’re left with that nasty aftertaste like a poorly made whey protein shake……..powdery chunks still floating around leaving that chalky, unwanted residue in your mouth.  Through it all, I am still alive and going strong.  I am feeling my body begin to respond to the workouts now more than just feel like I walked a hundred miles and nothing happening but the near collapse and shut down of my whole nervous and respiratory systems.  No joke.  My strength is returning as my bench press just jumped and I could feel my strength in each push of the bar.  My legs are also becoming stronger and my knees are not hurting much anymore each day I awake.  No joke, the sun seems brighter.  Those dang endorphins are doing a number on my positive outlook.  Sweet Niblets!  Cool Beans!  Gotta love these cool sayings!

Calorie Burners

If I focus on the television harder, will I burn more calories?

If I focus harder on the tv, will I burn more calories?

Composed here is a list of calorie burning activities we do each and everyday and I thought would be fun to post:

According to Kimberly Lummus, MS, RD, Texas Dietetic Association media representative and public relations coordinator for the Austin Dietetic Association in Austin, Texas, in 30 minutes a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn the following number of calories:

  • Raking leaves = 147 calories
  • Gardening or weeding = 153 calories
  • Moving (packing and unpacking) = 191 calories
  • Vacuuming = 119 calories
  • Cleaning the house = 102 calories
  • Playing with the kids (moderate activity level) = 136 calories
  • Mowing the lawn = 205 calories
  • Strolling = 103 calories
  • Sitting and watching TV = 40 calories
  • Biking to work (on a flat surface) = 220 calories

    Doin the vacuum jig!!!

Bigger, stronger, faster…….

Michael JohnsonHello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I’m really starting to enjoy my gym membership.  But, do not worry.  I will still be pounding out sessions on the black top of my barrio, ese, or in within the walls of my abode.  Why?  Convenience.  Privacy.  And, for those who do not or cannot afford a gym membership, you can follow along and know you can get amazing workouts in without a gym!  The main reason I make my morning trek to mecca is so I can have access to the pool.  Because of my weight, kicking and swimming in the pool takes the stress off my knees and allows me to work out my legs without pain or fear of injury.  It is a great total body workout that really uses and tires nearly every muscle in your body.  I’d say swimming is the best cardio workout for the least amount of damage or pain inflicted.  My good friend, youasamachine, does a lot of cardio work in the pool herself.  She is an avid health guru and gives solid information and tips on improving ones overall health.  Please click on her link and take a look at some of the workouts she does and offers for as little as ten minutes per day to get that body you want.  But beware, they are doable but you will find yourself sucking air.  Good stuff!    This is Mr. Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia!

Top of the mornin

I usually end up at the gym or on my street in my neighborhood between 5a – 7a in the morning, depending on how tired I feel.  I am starting two-a-day workouts now and really beginning to kick up some dust because I really want to see some results and really get my metabolism revved into high gear.  I’m out for blood now and have that killer-instinct just growling inside of me now to go and get it done!  If I’m at the gym, I always start with weightlifting.  It gives me that pump I’m looking for and releases the testosterone throughout my body to begin the building process.  Then, I will do a low-intensity to moderate or as I continue to get in better shape will incorporate sprints, whether running or on bike or in the pool, to maximize heart rate and kick up the calorie burning into high gear.  Weights or cardio, which comes first?   I, personally,  lift first while the glycogen in my muscle tissue is high to expend that energy to build muscle and put forth great effort.  That way, I will not deplete my glycogen and fatigue more quickly making my weightlifting session ineffective.  Doing cardio first will burn more calories that day followed by weight training, however, for every 3 pounds of muscle packed on, a person can expect to burn 120 calories more per day during rest periods!  Yikes!  That’s sweet!  So, however you do it, do it safe and get proper training on technique and rest time.