…..so freakin' bad!!!


Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Well hallelujah and zippadeedoodah!  I am back in the blogging world.  Let’s just say I took a hiatus from the world of blogging, mainly due to lack of computer cooperation, busy with work and getting back into school and, of course, I moved to Hawaii.  Why can’t we just have a “smooth sailing” button to push and when we do, voila!  Poof!  Boom!  Life falls into place and everything is taken care of for that day or couple of days…..heck, even a week would be pretty much outrageous.  I am still on track on the weight loss but kinda maintained my weight a little more than I wanted to.  I slowed down with the weight loss but have still been chipping away at it, slowly and painfully.  If there is one thing I have come to learn is the dreaded word…………………DIET!  It is everything.  I hate deviating off of it but when your resources run low, money, time, food, access, transportation, whatever, your diet changes to accommodate your current lifestyle.  And while you still eat pretty well, the gumption to give it all you’ve got in the pool or gym or street, even, goes down.  Why?  Because you know  that your diet is not where you want it so it’s like walking uphill in the snow barefoot…..really, it truly is.  It is HARD!  I am refocusing my diet as of yesterday to the stern regiment I once had it one. I actually love it when I eat really well.  I feel better, no bloating, no sick feeling after eating, no overfull sickness and the list goes on and on.  Exercise is so good to do but soooooo great to do when your diet is aligned with it.  I have days where I want to do less than stellar on that bike or, as of a few days ago, TREADMILL!!!, I try to push through.  Am I resilient all the time and do it perfectly with my heart rate at a maximum effort every day, week after week?  Honestly, no!  But to all you fanatics and know-it-alls who base your arguments on hearsay…………Its okay.  Life goes on.  The sun still rises and your reflection will still be in that mirror when you wake up.  Now, how it looks at you will depend on you.  So I suggest smiling.  It is far more appealing on a hard morning or especially when you just don’t want to put those shoes on.  I know.  It happens all the time.  I try not to get down on myself and remember that it’s not the destination that I’m working towards but a lifelong journey that I embarked on and hopefully you will all continue to join me as we continue our lifelong work together as anatomical engineers…….


4 responses

  1. Good to read you again! You cannot stop life to happen and it’s ok to put diet and exercise on the second plan while things finds their place. It’s like you said, we in it for the long run! 🙂

    April 27, 2012 at 2:36 am

  2. Yeaah! DO IT!

    April 27, 2012 at 2:59 am

  3. Michelle Curfiss

    Good work! Just maintaining your weight when your diet is not where it should be is so difficult! Another reason, other than the motivational ones you mentioned, is when you’re eating poorly, just digesting the crap in the “food” items can be exhausting. I know we have all earn a McDonald’s meal and, before we even finish, we want to take a nap. Getting back into the swing of eating right is difficult (I personally think it gets more difficult egret time!) But it is so worth it! I’m 30 weeks pregnant and working my butt off to get and stay healthy for my newly lforming family. So far I’ve only gained between 6-9 lbs! I was overweight before I got pregnant, so I’m actually looking forward to a better body post baby!! Be happy, be healthy, be well!

    May 15, 2012 at 1:53 am

    • Michelle Curfiss

      Also, I can’t wait to bring my daughter to Hawaii! I’m sure we will be able to work out something then so I can meet yours and you can meet mine!! I’m still sad we missed you last time.

      May 15, 2012 at 1:55 am

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