…..so freakin' bad!!!

When the going gets tough, go harder!!!

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I have been enjoying life here in the islands.  It has its own stresses and such but Hawaii is a place of mystery and magic all its own.  Whenever I brought up the fact was from Hawaii, people would immediately open up, relax and smile.  I would even notice a hint of wonderment and awe in that split-second twinkle their eyes showed upon hearing the word Hawaii.  Yes, Hawaii truly does invoke the inner child within us all.  Visions of clear nights lit by torchlight.  The whole pig freshly pulled from the imu (underground oven).  The clear and aromatic smells of ginger, plumeria and other exotic flowers perfuming the night air with their intoxicating fragrances as they dance lightly on the cool night breeze.  Ah, such a true picture of a magical place.  The only thing that would allow me to fully take it all in is if I can get this computer to download the software to read my pics I have been taking along the way.

Big lug to Waterbug………

So far, I have been religiously consistent about working out at the community pool located in Waipio Gentry.  It is a beautiful pool with lap rows at 25 yards and lap rows at 25 meters.  The water is a cool 76 degrees so the initial shock jumping in isn’t too bad.  I utilize the mornings for mainly kicking and leg strengthening and the evenings for actual swimming.  It has been wonderful and I am seeing a lot of benefits to swimming twice daily and being more disciplined with my eating habits.   I know I have a long way to go but am very pleased with my results thus far.  I have been trying to incorporate sprints with my swimming.  A friend of mine does this and her physique is something we all wish to acquire in our lifetime.  Please stop by her blog as she has fantastic workouts to do in the morning right when you wake up and how to do many things such as diet and other forms of exercise.  It is a blog I refer to for guidance in my own workouts and eating habits.  Just click on the link.  I have not posted pics and really apologize to all those following as I need to upload this software so I can share with you in my successes.  I am going to start incorporating the butterfly stroke during the day at the beach.  I did this some years back and only once a day and lost weight like water off a duck’s back.  I actually think I lost around 50 pounds in less than three weeks.  I remember my belly being there and then it was way down and nearly gone.  It requires much more body and is an explosive movement so I know it will help.  I do not have any weights over here so I am going to use five-gallon buckets and three-gallon buckets and some smaller for weightlifting.  Maybe it will inspire others to use what they have around the house.  You don’t need a gym to get in shape.  The tools are all around us if we just use our imagination.  I will document this with photos and then I will post them this Saturday.  I am doing everything I can to make my wife and children proud of me.  My goal is to pick them up from the airport in some months down the road and have my children walk by me without recognizing me.  What an awesome feeling that would be to know I have changed my looks so much, knowing how much work I put into my body and continue to do so.

Goal for the next two months…….

My goal for the next two months is quite steep and will require a lot of discipline on my part.  I can accomplish this because I have the weight to drop.  It’s not like I’m shy ten pounds and I’m there……please.  This belly begs to differ.  I will drop 60 pounds of fat in the next two months while building lean muscle.  I am tweaking my diet to include more protein so I can accomplish this.  I know this is doable.  I once dropped 47 pounds in one month just running.  That was when I was a spring chicken but now, I need to lose weight AND get back in shape.  I have many goals in the next six months I wish to accomplish and which as I lose the weight will share with you.  So for now, same bat time same bat channel.

This was taken from another blog with fantastic advice on working out……..please read!

KatThis IS how I believe people who are overweight can get themselves to a healthy weight. By being consistent with daily body maintenance. It takes time for the body to build strength, become flexible, develop agility and power. We can’t achieve it over a short period of time and then just stop and coast on our results. Starting from zero it took me one week of trying every single day to finally accomplish one chin up, and that was after about six months of consistent weight training. Now I can pull off five chin ups whenever I go past the bar. When I forget and don’t do them for a week, I’m back to square one. The strength gain is not permanent…you know, “use it or lose it”. It takes a lot of time to get fit and very little time to undo it. A little bit everyday is our insurance for a healthy and active life.

As we age, it’s not the dumbells we’ll have to pick up, it’s ourselves.

There has been so much emphasis on more being better over the years. People watching professional athletes who train for hours a day (which is just not possible for the average person, let alone parents). I know people who are overweight who struggle with running long distances or training like a triathlete, hoping to achieve the body type of said sport. What often happens is pain and injury to joints that are not physically conditioned for such activities. Then as a result of the long duration of these workout, people get hungry and end up over-eating to satiate the furnace, which negates the calories burned in the first place! Followed by a decrease in Non-Exercise Activity (look for my article on N.E.A.T) for the rest of the day and possibly for the following day(s).

There is no quick fix. There is no magic plan. What there is, is Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline is born from being Consistent. Enter: Daily Body Maintenance. Every morning for the rest of our life we start with some daily exercise. The rest of the day we stay active = Active Living. This means take the stairs. Clean your house. Walk the dog. Do your chores. Fit in a more intense 4-12 minute HIIT workout and thorough body stretches. Once we stop living an active life and let others do our doing, well there goes NEAT.
Once we let advertising and products convince us that there is an easier way, we’ve lost.

Remember one important point: Just because someone is not overweight, does not mean that they are healthy or fit. We are all made up so very differently, carry our body fat differently. I think we will be better off if we think less about how we actually look or what the scale says and put more emphasis on how we feel, what our body can do, how our skeleton functions and how we nourish ourselves. That’s what I mean when I say: I believe we will do ourselves a service if we focus less on the aesthetic and more on our body’s function.


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  1. So true, advertising must never convince us otherwise. First of all we put on ourselves and also we didn’t put on all this weight over night, ergo we have to get rid of it again ourselves and must change our habits and stay focused. You seem very determined and I am sure you will reach your goal. Keep it up!! 😉

    January 11, 2012 at 12:01 pm

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