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From Texan to Hawaiian again!!!

Flower Lei GreetingHello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  A quick synopsis of the last week and some have taken me from the cold fronts of Texas winters to the tropical climate and paradisiacal glory of my homeland.  Yes, I have returned to the place of my birth, Hawaii.  Many of you already know I am of Hawaiian ancestry.  My family, along with many other indigenous families here in the islands have traversed, lived, battled on, loved, and bonded with these lands, these islands I and they call home and have for so many centuries.  Upon exiting the airplane, there is a distinct aroma in the air of the flower leis that hang in the many kiosks of the airport, there to be purchased and gifted to loved ones visiting, honeymooning lovers and people vacationing for the first or second time.  Many of these visitors are welcomed by family members or flower lei girls greeting guests to the island of Oahu.  Greeted with an, “ALOHA”, and, “Welcome to Oahu”, along with an embrace and kiss on the cheek cause many to smile or even blush at the intimacy of the culture here.  Many of the lei girls are products of Hawaiian ancestry mixed by other cultures who migrated here many years ago with the sugar plantations.  They reflect the beauty of these wonderful unions of cultures, their faces reflecting the many blood lines of Hawaiian, Portuguese, Samoan, Tongan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Caucasian and many other wonderful ethnicities that now call Hawaii home.Polynesia

An extraordinary people………an extraordinary cuisine……….

Along with the beautiful mix of ethnicities comes a harmonious blend of delectable wonders that have taken on an identity all their own.  Many dishes include white rice which is definitely of the Asian persuasion, a macaroni salad and Imua chicken katsu or the full word being tonkatsu for the Japanese originating sauce made for the fried strips of panko flake-covered chicken breasts.  How about a laulau, a native Hawaiian dish of pork, chicken or fish with a piece of butterfish wrapped in taro leaves and steamed to perfection along with some rice and mac salad or green salad or chicken long rice?  Hawaii is a place of harmony amidst diversity.  Whether it be found in the lovely faces of Hawaii’s people or in the food that has taken on it’s own tastes and mixed concoctions of culinary cultural delights, there is a magic in the air.  People here are very kind and very loving.  Granted, small islands have their own  quirks and missteps, but the truth remains.  With all the teriyakis and hulihuli chickens grilling by the roadsides; of all the plate lunches of laulau and poi, chili and rice, katsu and mac salads; of all the shaved ice cones bought and haupia-filled malasadas eaten daily lies one very beautiful truth.  Hawaii is a place of extraordinary cuisine that tickles the taste buds and stirs the fancy with thoughts of grandeur and decadence.  However, between the fresh mango and papaya and freshly made lilikoi (passionfruit) and guava juices are found an extraordinary people from different walks of life and many different backgrounds, all of which share one thing in common.  They all share in the spirit of Aloha.

Weight loss gone TROPICAL!Kayaking Tours

I want to first and foremost apologize for not blogging like I should have.  This move came pretty quickly and I left my children and wife so the final three days before I left I spent every waking moment with my children playing nail-biting games of chutes and ladders and Monopoly and playing down-to-the-wire games of guts and glory basketball!  My time was spent more productively and never funner than those three days.  I already miss my kids.  A few things have changed since I moved here.  I have gone from a gym and pool to sunny 80 degrees and an ocean to swim in.  I think my workouts will be a little more interesting and a little harder considering the ocean has currents that pull and tug at you while trying to swim from point A to point B.  This Saturday, tune in to the blog and see my results.  Being back home has its drawbacks as I love the food here so I need to be more disciplined about what I eat and how much.  I could go crazy here with the tuna rolls and pork hash and manapua and spam musubis and all the other wonderful treats I grew up with.  I still have a hard time looking at my reflection in the mirror, especially when I’m walking parallel to the windows because I’m afraid to look and see my belly the same size.  I am staying optimistic and really making a concerted effort to stay the course with my eating habits.  Until Saturday, wish me luck!



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