…..so freakin' bad!!!

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor hail………….

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Here again from two days ago.  Two days ago I had an epic workout of a couple of miles on the bike and then I powerwalked half a mile and jogged the other half.  It was run one walk one until I reached a mile.  Yesterday morning I went walking with the family in the neighborhood and MAN was it cold!  It’s not New York cold by any means but cold for my acclimated tropical blood cold in 40 degree weather!  And then the wind blew and it felt like lollipops and sunshine…..NOT!  Cold is cold no matter where you are from.  Period.  So, getting back to the walk……..it was brisk, it was heart-pumping, it was definitely a hard walk mixed with the freezing cold.  I made every attempt and plan to workout again that evening.  That evening became colder and I gave in.  I can’t do that for the results I am looking for.  It is three o’clock and I haven’t done any exercise yet.  However, I have an epic workout planned for my out-of-shape self tonight.  Let’s just say Uncle Pono won’t have trouble sleeping after tonight’s workout! 

Aches, pains and more aches……..

When I started this endeavor, I had grandeur thoughts of muscles popping out everywhere and that I could run and not get tired.  One thought on that……I forgot to think about the journey getting there.  Right above my knee caps on both legs it feels tight.  I think my right knee is filled with fluid.  I know with the weight loss all these things will gradually go away as my knees will not have all that extra weight on it as it moves around.  Oh joy, rapture!!!  What a day that will be.  I am actually lifting lighter because of two things.  I am preparing my joints for normal mobility and so I upped my reps and lessened the weight.  I also injured my right wrist…as to how I did it I know not.  When I hold it out in front of me palm side down, I can’t turn it upward, the outside of my arm and wrist going counterclockwise.   It hurts a whole bunch.  I actually think I was moving something heavy with someone about two weeks ago and I was pushed back and braced impact on the wall behind me with my right arm and hit my wrist area on a bar or something.  I vaguely remember doing that and it hurting for a second.  But afterwards, it smarted a lot.  I compensate with lighter weightlifting and extremely strict form and extremely slow movements and it doesn’t hurt my wrist or compromise my range of movement.  For now, it is lots of cardio and light weights.  Lots of fruits and veggies and light on the protein.  Now, let’s all prepare for a good week of eating, exercising and living on the right side of the force………..

If you peel it right, the banana will come…………

Something I learned a while back about bananas that I have been doing for years now.  I find the sheer pleasure and joy in observing people battle, fight, squish, rip, cut, and curse out a banana because it will not open from the stem.  Have you ever watched a gorilla peel or some form of monkey peel a banana.  They will peel it from the bottom up.  Have you ever tried this.  If you peel a banana up, the bottom always gives way with some ease.   You end up ripping the little black thing at the bottom of the banana that we have once or twice eaten and regretted once that bitter nastiness filled our mouth.  So, peel from the bottom and you automatically remove upon first initial pop and rip, and you will usually avoid getting those stringy friends we all discard with quick annoyance.  And, this will all happen without stressing about whether the banana will open or if you will mash it first before winning the war of ripping it open.  So, take it from a monkey.  Bottoms up!!! 


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