…..so freakin' bad!!!


Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  It has been about two days since my last post.  I feel like I am slacking on the posting area.  I love to post but the last two days have been Grande Central Station, USA, over here.  Otherwise, all is well on the homefront and exercise front and Ponofront.  A couple of recipes I must share with you as well as some new things I am doing to change my physical appearance from flab to fab and some of our songs we are dancing to, to shake your tailfeather.  

Confessions of a weightloss fiend…….

I must confess that I did not do much working out these last two days.  I have been doing a lot of leg work and I will say that I think Uncle Pono overdid it juuuuuuuuust a little bit.  Okay, I was feeling the groove and overdid it a lot.  Needless to say, my legs are still a little sore but nowhere near my crippledness a few days ago.  I have found my lost muscles that once were there many moons ago in my quadriceps, inner thighs and glutes and hamstrings.   Oh me oh my!  I will say that I have all ready been on my morning run.  And by the way, it was in the 40s this morning so I am now the unproud unowner of a few less eyebrows.  Yippee!  Aside from that, it was invigorating.  I always feel so accomplished when I do cardio in the morning.   That means I have the rest of the day for whatever else!  So today, I am going again tonight, but this time to the gym where I can get some weight training and some cardio……ooooooooh, I can’t wait! 


I caught myself thinking and dreaming about the day I can take my shirt off at a public pool and not even think about myself for a minute as I usually hurry and fall in backwards or jump in as soon as the shirt is sliding off my body.  I don’t want to give myself a moment’s glance of thought but just focus on the fun I will have in the pool with the kids.  I found myself sitting in the pool and just walking out of it from the shallow end because its time to go and not glancing around to see if anyone is even turned slightly in my direction for fear of turning them to stone if they beheld my portly physique.  I truly believe I miss life’s greatest moments in the slightest of things because I am caught up in myself.  I really feel conceited with all this self talk but the fact is it is self-consuming.  You wonder how people will perceive you.  You wonder if you are even good enough for your beautiful spouse who is so slender and attractive and you begin to think your worth is far beneath hers and that she could get anyone skinnier, more muscular, more lean and athletically built.  Someone whose jaw line was chiselled from the granite quarry up the road and whose abdominal muscles resemble those cobblestone-lined streets of Copenhagen where you visited that quaint cafe many years ago.    I heard it best put that we are not husky.  We are not hefty.  We are a “powerful frame with layer upon layer of dormant, relaxed muscle waiting like a panther to pounce upon its quivering prey”………Couple’s Retreat.


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