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Bigger, stronger, faster…….

Michael JohnsonHello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I’m really starting to enjoy my gym membership.  But, do not worry.  I will still be pounding out sessions on the black top of my barrio, ese, or in within the walls of my abode.  Why?  Convenience.  Privacy.  And, for those who do not or cannot afford a gym membership, you can follow along and know you can get amazing workouts in without a gym!  The main reason I make my morning trek to mecca is so I can have access to the pool.  Because of my weight, kicking and swimming in the pool takes the stress off my knees and allows me to work out my legs without pain or fear of injury.  It is a great total body workout that really uses and tires nearly every muscle in your body.  I’d say swimming is the best cardio workout for the least amount of damage or pain inflicted.  My good friend, youasamachine, does a lot of cardio work in the pool herself.  She is an avid health guru and gives solid information and tips on improving ones overall health.  Please click on her link and take a look at some of the workouts she does and offers for as little as ten minutes per day to get that body you want.  But beware, they are doable but you will find yourself sucking air.  Good stuff!    This is Mr. Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia!

Top of the mornin

I usually end up at the gym or on my street in my neighborhood between 5a – 7a in the morning, depending on how tired I feel.  I am starting two-a-day workouts now and really beginning to kick up some dust because I really want to see some results and really get my metabolism revved into high gear.  I’m out for blood now and have that killer-instinct just growling inside of me now to go and get it done!  If I’m at the gym, I always start with weightlifting.  It gives me that pump I’m looking for and releases the testosterone throughout my body to begin the building process.  Then, I will do a low-intensity to moderate or as I continue to get in better shape will incorporate sprints, whether running or on bike or in the pool, to maximize heart rate and kick up the calorie burning into high gear.  Weights or cardio, which comes first?   I, personally,  lift first while the glycogen in my muscle tissue is high to expend that energy to build muscle and put forth great effort.  That way, I will not deplete my glycogen and fatigue more quickly making my weightlifting session ineffective.  Doing cardio first will burn more calories that day followed by weight training, however, for every 3 pounds of muscle packed on, a person can expect to burn 120 calories more per day during rest periods!  Yikes!  That’s sweet!  So, however you do it, do it safe and get proper training on technique and rest time.


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Pono!

    October 11, 2011 at 4:28 am

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