…..so freakin' bad!!!

Back on track!

this belly is what I am going to lose!!! Goodbye belly......

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  I apologize for my absence the last day or so but my mouse to the computer died.  Literally, it just breathed its last breath and stopped working.  I tried in vain to find a triple A battery for the old mouse but to no avail.  I finally was able to make it to Walmart and get a new mouse.  OH JOY……….RAPTURE!  I’VE GOT A MOUSE!  I am now going to upload a bunch of pictures and make up for a little lost time.  I have been doing quite well on my diet and exercising.  I actually did not work out yesterday……oh yeah, loving that!  I am going to take the advice of many of you though, and thank you to those who comment and encourage or give great advice, and let it roll of my back and focus on now.  I have a magnificent workout planned for today which includes a shoulders and back routine with weights and then a ten to fifteen minute boxing stint with the boxing bag followed by an exhilarating walk/jog for one mile around the neighborhood.  Heck, if I feel good then I might treat myself to a little longer jog.  My knee has considerably gone down in swelling and is nearly normal.  There is still a little stiffness, however, if I can walk, then I can work out. 

The Biggest Loser aftermath

Just two days following my biggest loser rendezvous with Bob Harper in my living room my legs are sore…….i’m sorry, let me be honest……i feel like I’ve squatted for the first time and my inner thighs near my groin area and my buttocks are quite sore.  It pains to walk and especially sit down.  I guess I deserve this since I did not put in the time to stay in decent shape all these years.  Note to self, “Don’t ever get out of shape ever again because if you start to forget, flip to page one of this blog and start reading”!   And there you have it.  For those of you who want to know how the biggest loser workouts are?  They are grueling.  Even for someone in shape you will break a good sweat and probably work some muscles you’re not accustomed to working like they make you do!

The Big Weigh-in……….

I guess I have not disclosed my weight on this blog yet and because of this one cannot determine the transformation I am making right now.  My philosophy is this……your weight is just a number, people.  We do not and should not identify ourselves with this number.  This number is just a number and exists because of choices we choose to make.  So, if you comment, please do not tell me your weight.  Only, tell me your name or something about you personally that I can relate with on a human level and that’s it.  I only want to know your triumphs.  The number we carry for our weight is only there to be annihilated!    So, this is how it’s going to go down, my peeps!  I am going to do my first weigh-in on Monday, the 29th of September.  It will be two weeks since starting this blog with the first week being very up and down with working out and diet.  I was basically trying to fine tune things as much as possible that first week and then I will have had another week to get it going.  I will post how much weight I have lost thus far.  Then, at the end of my transformation in December right before Christmas, I will disclose how much weight I have lost all together and what my weight is at that time.  All you will need to do is add the weight lost to my weight at that time and voila!  Presto!  Shazam!  Poof!  You’ll have the magic number.  So, all you guys…tune in everyday for another blog with Pono and for sure on Monday morning when I have my first weigh-in!


I want to live for my children......that man in the picture will not be me anymore!



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