…..so freakin' bad!!!

Flying high on endorphins……


What caught my eye on my walk this morning…..beautiful………

Hello.  My name is Pono and I want to be a skinnyaire.  Light the candles, set the china, Pono did a workout…..Holla!!!  Oh yeah, baby, workout I did.  Not only did I work out today, I worked out last night!  I woke up this morning and noticed how soft the light from the outside came in through the windows.  As I looked out the window I could see the stillness of the leaves on the trees.  There was no breeze and yet from the stillness I could tell it was cooler outside than in the house.  Maybe it was the way the light had a softer glow to it.  Or, maybe it was just me looking at the world with more optimism.  Either way, Pono got off his arse and mowed the lawn with reckless abandon.  Then, I blew the remnants of a once grass-dominated civilization into a conquered pile of rubble.  Some of it has already been blown away by the wind…….anyhoo, back to working out……the yard looks amazing and I feel like a million bucks.  Oh, then, I went for a mile walk around the neighborhood to get heart rate up and finished it off with hill running…..well, hill walking/sometimes jogging.  Brutal!  Nothing sheds fat and gets the heart rate up more and quicker than hills or stairs.  Gut buster, I say!  The kind where pain sets in quickly and your lungs are on fire.  With each breath, your lungs gasp for air as your legs get that lactic acid buildup, screaming for relief and yet as you look up, the top is still out of reach for another five seconds….oh the pain.  However, your mind begins to accept the pain and fire and you revel in its obscene and intrusive companionship.  Why?  Because you know that with each gasp and labored step, you can visualize that fat melting off your body, exposing the hardened and rippling muscle beneath those layers of tacos and fries you accumulated before today.  Today, our paradigm has shifted.  Today, we fight for our independence, independence from food and folly.  Today, is our Independence day!!!



2 responses

  1. Kelci

    Wow! The blog looks great! Good job…hills and stairs are awesome. I love/hate them…you see such fast results with them, but they hurt like Crazay!

    September 17, 2011 at 2:19 am

  2. Jordan

    Independence day! LOL…I love it Pono. I am really proud of you…Your new attitude on life and health in contagious so keep it coming!

    September 17, 2011 at 7:40 pm

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